Surge In Illegal California Pot Shops Undercuts Legal MarketBroad marijuana legalization arrived in California at the start of the year. From the beginning, there was concern the legal market would be undercut by the massive black market that has existed for decades.
Los Angeles Approves Funds For Separated ChildrenLos Angeles has approved using a $3 million fund to provide legal help to children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.
The Latest: Lance Stephenson Joining LeBron On LakersLance Stephenson is joining LeBron James in Los Angeles
Lakers Waive Thomas Bryant, Clearing More Salary Cap RoomThe Los Angeles Lakers have waived center Thomas Bryant.
Vaccination Critic Placed On Probation By Medical BoardA Southern California pediatrician and outspoken critic of mandatory vaccinations has been placed on probation for 35 months.
Siblings Diagnosed With Brain Tumor Within Two Weeks Of Each OtherIt’s a medical mystery that has a South Bay family puzzled. And understandably anxious.
Watch: L.A. Freeway Sign Climber Ends Traffic Jam With Backflip Onto Crash Pad A man wearing only boxer briefs and tennis shoes snarled rush-hour traffic in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday after he climbed a busy freeway sign, hung protest posters, danced repeatedly and apparently mocked his would-be rescuers.
Man Shot And Killed While Camping With His Young Daughters In CaliforniaA 35-year-old man camping with his young daughters was found fatally shot in a Southern California state park, authorities said.