2 Placerville Homes, Cameron Park Bounce House Business Raided In Connection To Alleged Honey Oil OperationAuthorities say four people have been arrested after a honey oil operation raid in El Dorado County.
Scientists Discovered Weed Compound That May Be 30 Times More Powerful Than THCCBD has mostly been the focus of studies on the health benefits of cannabis, but because THCP appears to show stronger binding abilities and potency, the authors think there is potential for health benefits.
California Wants Mandatory QR Codes For Cannabis BusinessesCalifornia is doubling down on plans to use QR Codes in its fight against illicit cannabis sales.
Marijuana Impairs Driving Skills Long After High Is Gone, Study FindsThe study, published Tuesday in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, asked chronic, heavy marijuana users to drive in a customized driving simulator.
Police Dog Sniffs Out 1,500 Pounds Of Marijuana During Routine Traffic StopPolice in Iowa seized approximately 1,500 pounds of marijuana during a routine traffic stop on New Year's Day.
Why Creating A Cannabis Breathalyzer Isn't That EasyAs a growing number of states legalize cannabis, health officials are increasingly sounding the alarm for technology that can quickly determine when drivers are stoned.
California Considers Calling THC In Pot A Risk To Moms-To-BeA California panel on Wednesday wrestled with the reliability and accuracy of dense research studies as it considers whether to declare THC a health risk to pregnant women.
California Considers Calling THC In Pot A Risk To Moms-To-BeMore than three years after California voters broadly legalized marijuana, a state panel is considering if its potent, high-inducing chemical — THC — should be declared a risk to pregnant women and require warnings.
Study: Cannabis May Cut Headache And Migraine Pain In HalfCannabis could be used to relieve headache pain, a new study from Washington State University suggests.
FDA Warns 15 Companies, Including Several In California, For Illegally Selling CBD ProductsThe FDA sent a warning to 15 companies that have illegally sold cannabidiol products by adding it to food or marketing it as a dietary supplement.
California Boosts Pot Taxes, Shocking Unsteady IndustryCalifornia is increasing business tax rates on legal marijuana, a move that stunned struggling companies that have been pleading with the state to do just the opposite.
Edible Arrangements Is About To Start Selling CBD-Infused EdiblesEdible Arrangements has finally reached nirvana. The company is rolling out a new CBD-infused product line that is appropriately titled Incredible Edibles.
Marijuana Use Is Rising Among Young Adults, Especially College Students, Study ShowsMarijuana use among young adults, especially college students, has been steadily increasing, and the numbers are pretty high, according to a new report.
1,380 Marijuana Plants Seized By Police In Elk GroveA man and woman are under arrest after an illegal marijuana operation bust in Elk Grove.
El Dorado County Sheriff Blames Sanctuary, Marijuana Laws For Deputy Ishmael's SlayingThe sheriff’s remarks came as federal prosecutors announced two men charged in killing Deputy Ishmael are Mexican nationals, in the U.S. illegally.