Occupy Sac Protester Refuses To Come Down From Tree; 23 Others ArrestedAs promised, Sacramento Police arrested Occupy Sacramento protesters who refused to leave Cesar Chavez Park overnight — except one who has climbed up a tree Thursday morning and is refusing to come down.
Hundreds ‘Occupy’ Highway 99 OverpassHundreds of protesters took position over thousands of commuters Thursday to call for more government funding for public infrastructure.
City Drops Charges Against Some 'Occupy Sacramento' ProtestersThe City of Sacramento is dropping charges against some “Occupy Sacramento” protesters who had been arrested in Cesar Chavez park.
'Occupy Sacramento' Occupies City HallForget taking on city hall, Occupy Sacramento protestors say they will now begin an occupation of Sacramento City Hall.
Homeless Clash With Occupy Sacramento Protesters At Park
UPDATE: Federal Judge Denies Occupy Sacramento ProtestersDozens of Occupy Sacramento protesters were in court this morning, including anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, and a federal hearing was set to take place later this afternoon.
Occupy Sacramento Protesters Could Clog CourtroomsAnti-Wall Street protesters in Sacramento could clog the city's courtrooms by demanding jury trials for minor curfew arrests.
'Occupy Sacramento' Lawyers File Federal Lawsuit Against CityLawyers for Occupy Sacramento have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of Sacramento.
Civil Rights Attorney Calls City's Prosecution Of Protesters 'Idiotic'The first batch of protesters arrested during “Occupy Sacramento” protests were scheduled to be arraigned today, however, their court date has now been moved to the first week in November.
Lawyers May Sue Sacramento City Over 'Occupy Sacramento' ArrestsCivil rights lawyers are taking steps to sue the city of Sacramento over the arrest of demonstrators taking part in the Occupy Sacramento movement which is now in its 19th day.
Mayor Johnson Visits ‘Occupy Sacramento’ DemonstratorsMayor Kevin Johnson received a generally friendly welcome from protesters at the “Occupy Sacramento” demonstration, which will soon enter its third week.