US Stocks Plunge After British VoteU.S. stocks are plunging in early trading after Britons voted to leave the European Union.
New OT Rules Force Small Businesses To Make Hard ChoicesThe government's new rules requiring overtime pay for millions of workers have small business owners facing some hard choices.
California Gas Prices Spike During HolidaysExperts say a shortage caused by problems with the state's refineries is to blame.
On the Money: State Bought $120K Medical Dummy Sources Say Has Never Been UsedInstead of being used to train medical workers, sources said the manikin, called iStan, has been gathering dust in a room at the Veteran Affairs home in West Los Angeles since the manufacturer set it up.
On The Money: Gov. Brown Calls CBS13 Producer A 'Clown'After declining several interview requests regarding an On The Money investigation of governor-appointed officials defying an executive order on travel, Gov. Jerry Brown gave the cold shoulder to a CBS13 producer.
On The Money: CalVet Officials Leave Veterans With No Place To ParkIf you're a veteran going to the California Department of Veterans Affairs, good luck finding a parking spot.
On The Money: State Park Employees Caught Bowling While On The ClockTaxpayers paid to fly state employees from Southern California to Sacramento, where they went bowling when their plane landed, and our "On The Money" cameras caught them red handed.
On The Money: California Spending Mandatory "Court Reporter Fees" On Other Things
On The Money: College President Paid To Stay Away From CampusImagine being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to stay away from work – well it happened to a local college president who is now staying home, while taxpayers are footing the bill.
On The Money: Is Harvard Really Cheaper Than California Public Universities?Sending your child to Harvard could actually be less expensive than sending your son or daughter to a California public university – at least that’s the word from the Bay Area News Group.
On The Money: California Names 500 Biggest Tax CheatsCalifornia is being cheated out of millions of tax dollars by deadbeats who don’t pay their bills, according to a new list revealed Friday by the Board of Equalization, and a Sacramento restaurant is among the worst offenders.