TSA Recommends Travelers Get REAL ID Ahead Of Busy Holiday Travel SeasonAs the deadline approaches for Californians to get their Real ID, there are millions of residents in California who still don’t have one.
One Year From Today You Must Have A Real IDOne year from today people will need a REAL ID to fly domestically or enter secure federal facilities or military bases.
REAL ID Training To Close All DMV Offices For Half Day WednesdayAll California DMV offices will be shut down for a half-day so employees can be retrained on handling REAL ID transactions.
DMV Will Close For Half-Day To Better Train Staff To Handle REAL ID RequestsDMV offices will close statewide next month for what it's calling "Operation Excellence: DMV Training."
California Says It's Now In Compliance With US Real ID RulesThe California Department of Motor Vehicles says it is now in full compliance with federal requirements for so-called Real ID driver licenses or identification cards.
REAL ID Crunch Could Mean Real Delays At DMVLawmaker Jim Patterson is monitoring the reform within the DMV amid crunch to meet the REAL ID deadline.
3 Million Californians With REAL ID Issues May Not Need Return Visit To DMVFor millions of Californians who obtained a REAL ID card with only one proof of residency, a return visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles may not be needed.
DMV Asking For An Extra $240 Million To Make ImprovementsThe department is now asking for an additional $240 million on top of its already $1 billion budget, to continue making improvements. 
DMV Warns Of Longer Lines Come Summer As Real ID Deadline LoomsIf you have any errands to take care of at the DMV, officials are warning people to get there early.
DMV Has Until April 1 To Get REAL ID Compliance From FedsWithout the extension, Californians would have to show a passport to fly, starting Jan. 22, even if they already had a REAL ID. 
DHS Requirements For CA DMV’s ‘REAL IDs’ May Extend Wait TimesA new mandate by the U.S. government could force millions of Californians to spend more time in line at the DMV.