8 People Accused Of Bringing Out-Of-State Material Into California For RecyclingAuthorities say they intercepted thousands of pounds of empty beverage containers being smuggled into California to defraud the state's recycling program.
Recycling Contamination Has California Sorting Out SolutionsCountries who used to accept recyclables now say there is too much other stuff included to accept American waste.
$80.3 Million Recycling Fraud Conspiracy Bust in SacramentoFive people were arrested and charged in an $80.3 million recycling fraud conspiracy based out of Sacramento County
McDonald's Is Going GreenMcDonald's has pledged to make its packaging and restaurants more Earth-friendly.
Some States Are Considering Tossing Their Bottle Deposit ProgramsAs curbside recycling has grown, environmentalists around the United States find themselves fighting to protect decades-old bottle recycling programs that critics say are becoming obsolete.
Oregon Doubling Its Bottle Recycling Redemption Rates Starting April 1The Oregon Legislature set a trigger for the deposit to increase to 10 cents if the recycling rate fell below 80 percent for two consecutive years. Last year state officials said that had happened and the increased bottle rate was set in motion.
Truckload Of Used Bottles Stopped At Border, Driver Suspected Of Recycling FraudAuthorities say a man tried to drive a truckload full of bottles into California to try and defraud the state’s Redemption Value Program.
New Feinstein Drought Relief Bill Focuses On Recycling, DesalinationDemocratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California has come out with a new drought relief bill that emphasizes long-term investments in desalination, recycling and new or expanded reservoirs.
$14 Million Can, Bottle Recycling Scheme Busted In Kern CountyA grand jury in Kern County indicted five Californians on charges including grand theft and recycling fraud in an alleged scheme that CalRecycle said Thursday involved more than 200 million cans or bottles.
State Senator Wants To Ban The Use Of Recycled Tires For Playground TurfA state senator wants to ban recycled tires used in the artificial turf at schools and playgrounds because there may be a link to cancer. That has people asking what this ban would mean for local schools that already have the turf and the businesses that produce it.
Call Kurtis: City Charging Yard Waste Fees To People With No YardsThe people who live at Tapestri Square on U Street want to know why the City of Sacramento is charging them $10.35 a month for a yard waste container. They say they don't have yards.