Rent Control Is Likely Coming To SacramentoThe Sacramento City Council is expected to approve the Tenant Protection and Relief Act at a meeting on Monday.
Raising The Rent? Landlords May Need To Give Tenants More NoticeMore than half of all Californians who rent a home or apartment pay more than 30 percent of their income toward rent, with an additional quarter paying more than 50 percent of their income for housing.
Renters May Get More Notice If Their Monthly Rates Are Going UpCalifornia renters pay some of the highest rates in the country and now the Legislature is trying to make sure they have more notice if a landlord wants to raise the rent.
California Bill To Expand Rent Control Dies For The YearAn effort to expand rent control in California won't move forward this year after the lawmaker behind it cancelled a planned public hearing Thursday, saying his plan needs more work.
Proposition 10 - Removal Of Rent Control Limits - Has Failed Says APProposition 10, the ballot measure that would let cities and counties across California expand or enact rent control by overturning the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, has failed.
Sacramento Rent Surge Slowing, Following National TrendSacramento rents only increased 1.8 percent, a drop from the 6.5 percent increase in rents a year earlier.
Proposition 10: Rent Control Debate Centers Around Repealing Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing ActThe ballot measure would let cities and counties across California expand or enact rent control by overturning the 1995 law, the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act.
Millions Of Dollars Poured Into California Rent Control Ballot MeasureSupporters say the rent control measure will protect low-income people from being priced out of their homes, while opponents argue it will decrease housing supply in a state facing a severe shortage.
Rent Control Debate Draws Dozens Decrying High Cost Of LivingThey say a repeal of Costa-Hawkins and rent control are the only ways to stabilize rent and make life affordable for millions of people.
Rent Control Rally Puts Spotlight On Housing ProblemA rent control measure is on its way to the ballot as people continue to look for fixes to California's housing problem.
Fight Over Rising Rent Brings Marchers To Sacramento StreetsHundreds of marchers calling for stricter rent control descended on the capital on Monday calling for legislators to act.