Dive Crews Work On Tow Truck On Bottom Of Sacramento RiverOn Saturday, divers from a private company went down to the truck, which is sitting on the river bottom around 30 feet under water.
Rescue Crews Believe The Body Of Roselyn Sharma Is Still Inside Sunken Tow TruckRescue crews believe a woman’s body is still inside. Her husband’s body was found in the river not far away on Thursday.
Recovery Efforts Start For Tow Truck That Plunged Into Sacramento RiverCrews are back out on the Sacramento River on Friday, working to recover the tow truck that crashed into the waters last month.
Body Found In Sacramento River Near Garcia Bend ParkSacramento and West Sacramento crews are working to recover a body spotted in the Sacramento River Thursday morning.
Divers Set To Recover Tow Truck, Couple In Sacramento River Friday Divers are set to recover the tow truck that plummeted off the Pioneer Bridge into the Sacramento River this Friday.
Officials Believe They Have Located The Tow Truck That Crashed Into The Sacramento RiverOfficials believe they have located the tow truck that crashed off Pioneer Memorial Bridge into the river last Tuesday.
Solano OES Divers To Aid In Recovery Efforts Of Couple Presumed Dead After Tow Truck CrashOn Saturday morning, crews will use sonar technology to locate the tow truck and then send commercial divers down if possible.
Vigil Held For Sacramento County Couple Presumed Dead In The River A vigil was held Thursday for the tow truck couple presumed dead after plunging into the Sacramento River.
Family Fears Parents' Tow Truck Plunged Into The Sacramento RiverThe crash happened Tuesday night, the same time the couple was responding to a call and disappeared.
Officials: No Evidence Of Person In Sacramento River, Now Missing Person CaseWhat started as a potential water rescue in Sacramento Wednesday night has become a missing person case, according to Sacramento Firefighters. 
Bystanders Rush To Save Man Who Fell Into Frigid Sacramento RiverIt's unclear how the man got into the river, but witnesses say he was swimming for dear life while bystanders worked to get him out.