California Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs Law Aimed At Returning Students To The ClassroomCalifornia's public schools can tap into $6.6 billion of new state spending to return students to classrooms under a bill Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law Friday that has attracted bipartisan support and scorn in equal measure.
Parents Question Whether Distance Learning Is The Best Option For Their ChildrenA New York Times article arguing about the need for students to return to the classroom is flying in the face of federal and state health experts. 
California's Financial Freefall Amid Coronavirus Pandemic Devastates School DistrictsThe state's projected $54 billion budget deficit is likely to bring challenges to the public school system.
California Schools Violating Pesticide Law – CBS13 Investigates: Weed Killer Warnings On CampusWhen a local grandma saw Roundup weed killer warning signs posted at three of her grandsons’ schools, she had questions that the schools couldn’t answer. 
$3,000 Special-Needs Bicycle Stolen From South Sacramento Middle SchoolThe bicycle helps students with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and autism have more independence during PE classes
California Schools May Be Banned From Suspending Students For 'Willful Defiance'Starting next school year principals and administrators may be banned from suspending students for "willful defiance" of teachers, staff, and administrators.
Could A New Cell Tower Hurt You Financially? CBS13 InvestigatesA new cell tower could put a Folsom preschool out of business as dozens of parents say they’ll leave due to potential health concerns.
California Closer To Banning Public And Charter School Students From Using Smartphones At SchoolCalifornia is one step closer to banning public and charter school students from using smartphones at school, except under certain circumstances.
Amid #MeToo, States Debate Teaching Consent To KidsInside a Catholic school in Portland, Oregon, high school sophomores break into groups to discuss some once-taboo topics: abusive relationships and consent.
Rocklin School Board Approves New Curriculum, Including LGBT ProfilesIn a narrow vote, the board approved a new curriculum that is described as more inclusive, and will include contributions made by LGBTQ figures.
California May Ban Schools From Suspending Students For 'Willful Defiance'The California State Senate voted to ban schools and principals from suspending students for "willful defiance" of teachers, staff, and administrators.