'Thousands Of Dollars In Damage;' Sacramento Sideshow Organizer Arrested In North NatomasThe Sacramento Police Department arrested a sideshow event organizer on Friday responsible for causing thousands of dollars in damages to city streets.
CHP Grant To Put Brakes On Illegal Street Racing And SideshowsThe California Highway Patrol has a new tool to curb illegal street racing and dangerous sideshows.
Multiple Arrests Made Following Weekend Sideshows In SacramentoThree people are under arrest following a series of illegal sideshows that moved through Sacramento city and county Saturday night.
Sideshow Ordinance Goes Into Effect This Week In FairfieldIn San Joaquin County, there's already a special sideshow task force dedicated to investigating and stopping the dangerous stunts. New numbers show that since January, there have been 465 traffic stops, 311 citations, 45 cars towed, 23 arrests and 3 guns confiscated.
Fairfield's New Ordinance Makes Sideshow Spectating A CrimeA new ordinance is being put in place in Fairfield that will charge sideshow spectators with a misdemeanor, the Fairfield Police Department said.
184 Tickets Given Out, 10 Cars Towed After Turlock Sideshows Over Past 2 WeeksLaw enforcement officers in the Central Valley are continuing their push to stop illegal sideshows.
14 People Arrested, 118 Citations Given In Weekend Mission Against Sideshows In San Joaquin CountyLaw enforcement officers are seriously cracking down on sideshow activity in the Central Valley.
3 Cars Impounded After CHP Catches Alleged Street Racers On Highway 99California Highway Patrol says they caught three people racing each other along Highway 99 over the weekend.
Suspected San Joaquin County Sideshow Participant Has Car ImpoundedIn response to the recent spike in street racing and “sideshows” across the region, officers are getting more training on how to deal with such incidents.
Weekend Sideshow Leads To Violent Head-On Crash In Solano CountyThree people were sent to the hospital over the weekend following a crash involving a man police say was taking part in sideshow activities.
Sideshow Shut Down Freeway Traffic In SacramentoA sideshow brought freeway traffic to a halt Saturday afternoon in Sacramento.