9 Cars Impounded, 8 People Arrested After Sideshows In Lodi And StocktonLaw enforcement officers were on a mission against “sideshows” over this weekend in San Joaquin County.
Officers Track Down, Impound Car Weeks After Oakland SideshowLaw enforcement officers say they working diligently to stop the illegal and oftentimes dangerous “sideshows” that have been popping up around the region.
Sideshows, Speeding, Dangerous Donuts: Rio Linda Residents Say Reckless Driving Is Out Of ControlTraffic enforcement officers are busy busting reckless drivers – the latest incident involved a car that went right into a Rio Linda home, barely missing a woman inside.
Sacramento State Student Austin Dubinetskiy Badly Injured At Sideshow In North SacramentoThe 21-year-old's family, and police, are pleading with the driver who took off to turn himself in.
CHP Officer Unhurt After Car Fleeing South Sacramento Sideshow Clips Patrol VehicleNew photos show the damage done to a California Highway Patrol vehicle that was involved in a collision while breaking up a sideshow over the weekend.
San Joaquin County Cracks Down On Sideshows, Makes 81 Traffic Stops In One NightOfficers from the San Joaquin County Side Show Task Force made more than 80 traffic stops Sunday in an effort to combat slideshow activity in the county. 
Would Making Spectators Illegal Help Stop 'Sideshows'?Illegal sideshow crackdowns have become commonplace across Northern California, but one city is trying to kick it up a notch.
7 Cars Impounded, 2 People Arrested In Stockton Sideshow BustsA mission to bust illegal sideshows in Stockton resulted in authorities impounded seven cars over the weekend.
Sideshows Thinning Law Enforcement Resources Around SacramentoThere's a growing concern over the dangers of street sideshows in the Sacramento region.
WATCH: CHP Captures Sideshows From The SkyCHP said three pursuits spurred from these sideshows. Ultimately, five people were arrested, officers wrote 29 citations and impounded eight vehicles. 
Dozens of Cars Towed, Several Arrests at Multiple Oakland SideshowsTwo officers suffered minor injuries. One officer was hit by a flying object and another officer in a patrol car was rammed by a vehicle participating in the sideshows.