California Lawmaker Proposes New Law That Would Ban Fracking In California By 2027Heeding the call of Gov. Gavin Newsom, Sen. Scott Wiener introduced legislation on Wednesday that would ban all fracking in California by 2027 and halt the oil and gas extraction method around schools and homes by Jan. 1.
California Lawmaker Calls For FDA To End Restrictions For LGBTQ Blood DonorsWith California facing a blood shortage as the coronavirus pandemic continues, state lawmakers are calling for an end to restrictions on LGBTQ blood donors.
SB58, 'Last Call Bill', Passes State SenateThe so-called "Last Call Bill" is one step closer to becoming reality in some several California cities. 
California Bill Would Limit Genitalia Surgery For Children California doctors would be barred from treating or performing surgery on children born with genitals that don't fit a single gender or are otherwise atypical unless it's medically necessary or the child consents, under a bill unveiled Monday.
Bill Aims To Provide Shelter For Every Homeless Person In CaliforniaSB 48, introduced Monday by San Francisco Senator Scott Weiner, plans to bring beds to every person living on the streets.
CA Sen. Scott Weiner Reacts To Trump Administration's Potential Rollback Of Transgender ProtectionsThe Trump administration is said to be working on rules that will attempt to define gender strictly based on one's reproductive organs at birth -- effectively trying to erase gender identity provisions put in place by the Obama administration.