Study Finds Republicans Are More Likely To Consider Leaving CaliforniaAccording to a study conducted by UC Berkeley, more than half of California voters have considered leaving the state.
This Mystery Surcharge Is Adding To The Gas Price Misery In CaliforniaExperts have been crunching the numbers, asking why California gas prices are spiking up to over $4 dollars a gallon.
Caught On Camera: Man Pitching Conservative Views Assaulted At UC BerkeleyPolice are looking for a suspect who assaulted a man publicizing his conservative viewpoints on the campus of University of California, Berkeley in an attack captured on video.
UC Berkeley Honors Bay Area Firefighters At Cal’s Big Game Against StanfordUC Berkeley offered 1,000 free tickets to the first responders who fought the Camp Fire, and their families. During a ceremony, there was a salute to these heroes before the kick-off at noon.
Berkeley Students Turn Grief Into Tech Startup After France AttackBanerjee and several classmates have since turned their grief into a startup called Archer that builds digital tools to help journalists, investigators and human rights workers tackle terrorism, sanctions evasion, corruption and other global violence.
A Squirrel Wins UC Berkeley Student Government ElectionA squirrel now occupies one of UC Berkeley's 20 student senate seats. The squirrel initially took the form of a critter living among campus trees, running on platforms such as easier acorn access, but is actually the face of a more serious student government campaign.
UC Berkeley Spent $4 Million For Free Speech Event SecurityThe figure was first reported Sunday by The Daily Californian after Chancellor Carol Christ referenced the cost in a speech.
Universities Face Rising Security Costs For Controversial SpeakersMilo Yiannopoulos' 15-minute appearance cost UC Berkeley $800,000 in what the school's spokesman Dan Mogulof called "the most expensive photo-op in the university's history."
Park Service Drops Funding For Black Panther Party ProjectThe park service had pledged $98,000 to the University of California, Berkeley for a two-year research project on the black power group.
Right-wing Activist Holds Short, Small California RallyYiannopoulos blew kisses, posed for selfies and briefly addressed a few dozen supporters at the campus while a slightly larger crowd protesting him was kept separate by police.
UC Berkeley Boosts Security Amid Fears Of Political ViolenceAuthorities plan to seal off the campus' central hub, Sproul Plaza, and create a perimeter around several buildings.