FBI: Researcher Who Worked At UC Davis Being Harbored At Chinese Consulate In SFThe FBI believes the Chinese consulate in San Francisco is harboring a Chinese researcher who is charged in federal court in California with lying about her military background.
Pilot Program Between UC Davis And Caltrans Reduces Wrong-Way Highway Crashes By Almost HalfA new project is pumping the brakes on wrong-way drivers. The results of a three-year pilot program conducted by Caltrans and UC Davis have finally been released.
With More Classes Held Online, Some UC Davis Students Are Trying To Get Out Of Their LeasesA growing number of students at UC Davis are rushing to find ways to get out of their leases for the next school year, with more classes being held online due to the pandemic.
Researchers Developing Product To Better Protect People From CoronavirusResearchers at UC Davis are developing a product to better protect people from the novel coronavirus and make testing easier and faster.
UC Davis Looking For 12 Couples To Participate In Male Birth Control StudyDoctors at UC Davis are the latest group of medical researchers to take part in a National Institute of Health clinical study to find the next contraceptive for men.
UC Davis Graduate Lands Job With NASA, Hopes To Inspire During Time Of UncertaintyWhen Felipe Valdez’s family told him to shoot for the stars, he went big and did just that.
UC Davis Computer Scientists Launch App To Help Slow Spread Of COVID-19Computer scientists at UC Davis have developed a web-based contact-tracing app called We-Care. 
Name That Spider — UC Davis Professor Accepting Name Suggestions For New Genus Of SpidersAfter discovering a new genus of spiders in Monterey County, UC Davis professor is asking the community to help name the species.
Coronavirus Impact Report: Americans Have Driven 60 Percent Less Since Stay-At-Home Order BeganEfforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus have led to 60 percent less driving in the U.S. since the shelter-at-home order began. As a result, vast amounts of greenhouse gases have been cut but so have millions of dollars in gas-tax revenues.
UC Davis Ghost Town: Some Students Living In Dorms During PandemicIt's gone from a bustling campus to a ghost town, but there is still life at UC Davis.
UC Davis Doctors Find Success With Experimental Coronavirus Treatment RemdesivirIt's a potential breakthrough in the fight against coronavirus — the nation's top infectious disease doctor said there’s clear evidence experimental drug remdesivir can boost the chances of recovery. 
UC Davis Researchers To Begin Testing Coronavirus Vaccine Patch This WeekResearchers at UC Davis will begin testing a coronavirus vaccine on mice this week. 
UC Davis Report Finds Crashes, Traffic Down By Half During Coronavirus Stay-At-Home OrderA new study out of UC Davis shows the coronavirus stay-at-home orders gave reduced the number of crashes in California by half, and it's saving tens of millions of dollars a day.
With Students Gone During Coronavirus Outbreak, Davis Locals Step Up To Support BusinessesEven with a big source of income gone, Davis is adapting, finding creative ways to get through uncertain times.
UC Davis Engineers Developing Protective Equipment For Medical Workers During COVID-19 CrisisThe UC Davis TEAM lab is helping come up with ways to make and improvise personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical workers.