Unemployment Unexpectedly Drops, But Full Recovery Not ImminentThe unemployment rate took a surprising drop, but while hope exists the road to recovery remains uncertain.
Refusing To Return: Small Business Owner's Employees Not Coming Back To WorkSmall business owners are running into problems as they slowly start reopening. Some workers currently on unemployment are now saying they aren’t coming back.
California's April Jobless Rate At 15.5%, 2 Million Jobs DisappearCalifornia's unemployment rate soared to 15.5% in April as the nation's most populous state lost 2.3 million jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic that shuttered most businesses.
California Repays $1.4 Billion Federal Loan For Unemployment BenefitsCalifornia has quickly repaid a nearly $1.4 billion loan from the federal government used to fund a massive increase in unemployment claims amid the coronavirus pandemic.
'There's Only One Bill To Prioritize -- Everything Else Is Negotiable': CBS Analyst Explains How To Navigate Outstanding Balances On Limited FundsJill Schlesinger, certified financial planner and CBS News business analyst, looks at how to devise a game plan for paying bills when money is tight.
Coronavirus Financial Crisis: Unemployment Claims Grow As Small Businesses Adapt To HardshipsThe growing financial crisis is impacting small businesses forcing many workers to turn to unemployment assistance.
Self-Employed, Part-Time and Gig Workers Can Now Apply for Unemployment Benefits In CaliforniaSelf-employed, part-time, independent contractors and gig workers in California can apply for new unemployment insurance benefits made available through the CARES Act.
New Texting System Will Answer Questions About Unemployment Claims In CaliforniaPeople could find it easier to navigate the unemployment benefits system in California. after a new texting system goes into place, Gov. Newsom says.
Coronavirus Unemployment: EDD Phone Tips — Couple Finds Success After 732 CallsAfter weeks of complaints, this week the EDD added a new number, new hours and hundreds of extra employees to get people the unemployment answers they are desperate for — but has it helped?
Governor Launches Plan To Get Unemployment Benefits To Independent Contractors During Coronavirus PandemicGovernor Gavin Newsom says the state is dealing with an unprecedented number of unemployment claims across the state.
Coronavirus Unemployment: EDD Clarifies Confusing Question — 'No, You Don't Have To Lie'A particular question on the unemployment application has caused confusion for many - but there is now some clarity after CBS13 started asking questions.
Coronavirus Stimulus Checks: Sacramento Financial Expert Answers QuestionsAs a part of the $2.3 trillion stimulus package known as the CARES Act, the IRS started sending stimulus checks to millions of Americans last week.
Coronavirus Unemployment: CBS13 Answering Frequently Asked QuestionsFrom EDD’s state unemployment to the $600 federal stimulus unemployment,  to the new pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program, the guidance is changing by the day, and the most common question we get is: "When will I get my money?"
Coronavirus Unemployment: How Many People Are Really Getting Checks?The Employment Development Department (EDD) has processed more than 2.5 million unemployment claims but that doesn't mean 2.5 million people are getting the unemployment payments that they need to survive.
Coronavirus Unemployment: $600 Checks On The Way - For SomeCalifornians who are already getting unemployment from the EDD are about to get a big bump in their bi-weekly checks. But for the millions who don’t qualify for state unemployment, it's still not clear how or when the EDD will get them the money they are entitled to.