Pres. Trump To Meet With Video Game Execs And CriticsTrump has focused on video games as he seeks solutions to deal with the scourge of guns in the wake of the Florida school shooting that killed 17 people.
California Man Arrested For Swatting After Fatal Kansas Police ShootingPolice in Los Angeles have arrested a man they suspect made a hoax emergency call that resulted in a SWAT police officer fatally shooting a man at the door of his own home in Kansas
WNBA Players Featured In Video Game For 1st TimeBreanna Stewart can now compete against other WNBA players in a video game.
Kings One of 17 NBA Teams To Take Part In eSports LeagueThe NBA announced Thursday the 17 NBA teams - Kings included - to participate in the inaugural season of the NBA 2k eSports league, beginning in 2018.
'Slave Trade' Video Game Altered After Social Media BacklashAn educational video game has been edited following a social media backlash over a scene depicting slaves being packed into a ship.
Nate, Cory, and Jason Ross Show - August 10th, 2015
Lindsay Lohan Sues Over 'Grand Theft Auto V' Game Lindsay Lohan is suing the makers of the "Grand Theft Auto" video games. The actress says the latest installment used her image and created a character based on her without her permission.
Nintendo Says No To Virtual Equality In 'Tomodachi Life'Nintendo isn't allowing gamers to play as gay in an upcoming life simulator game.
Mother Sues Google For Free Game ChicaneryMother says her 5-year-old spent $69.95 on a "free" game.
Navy Pilots Faulted For Dipping Helicopters In Lake TahoeTen U.S. Navy crew members narrowly averted disaster when their helicopters accidentally dipped into Lake Tahoe in September while they tried to take photos for the squadron's Facebook page, military investigators concluded.
Sales Of 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops' Top $1 BillionSales of the video game "Call of Duty: Black Ops" have topped $1 billion in less than six weeks.