California's Water Savings Dip 4.2 Percent In OctoberCalifornia's latest water conservation may not appear as impressive as in past months, but a state official said that residents are exceeding a long-term order to save water during drought.
Folsom Lake Water Level Reaches New All-Time LowThe level of Folsom Lake has dipped to a new historic low. On Sunday the lake level was measured at 140,410 acre feet. The previous record was set in November 1977 when the lake shrank to 140,600 acre feet.
Drought-Caused Food Shortage Drawing Bears Into California TownTourists and animal lovers hoping to see a bear in Sequoia National Park this fall probably stand a better chance of spotting one in this tiny town at the park's entrance.
Gov. Brown Declares Emergency Over Dead TreesCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown says dead trees around the state pose a fire hazard and has declared a state of emergency.
Residents Save Water, Hit With Higher RatesYou would think that saving water would help you save money.
Getting Answer Road Tour: Rio Linda Roughly translated, the name Rio Linda means “lovely river,” but some people who call Rio Linda home say there's nothing lovely about one thing in their town: the water supply. It's a problem that's plagued the area for years, so what's being done about it?
'Musty' Taste In Sacramento Water Raises ConcernsSome Sacramento residents are complaining about an earthy, musty taste in the water coming out of their taps. It's noticeable enough that the city says they've received calls from concerned customers.
Calif. Easing Water Restrictions For Some FarmersCalifornia is easing water restrictions on some of those with the state's strongest water rights.
Barge Aims To Prevent Folsom Lake From Becoming Dead PoolWork has begun on building a barge that would supply Folsom with drinking water if water levels get so low the current system doesn't function.
California Orders Company To Stop Bottling Water From Sierra SpringsSugar Pine was launched in the early 1990s and holds junior water rights, which have been curtailed in 2014 and 2015 because of the drought.
When The Wells Run Dry: How Central California Is Coping With The DroughtLooking for water to flush his toilet, Tino Lozano pointed a garden hose at some buckets on the bare dirt of his yard.
New Study Paints Bleak Picture For California If Drought LastsThe carcasses of salmon, trout and more than a dozen other newly extinct native species lie in dry streambeds around California.
1 Arrested After Vehicle Hits Water Main In South SacramentoWater was sent shooting high into the air in South Sacramento on Monday morning after a car crashed into a pipe.
North Highlands Neighborhood Says HOA Abruptly Locked Water Spigots, Citing CostsMike Louden is retired and loves tinkering in his drought-resistant garden. But he says his roses are in jeopardy.
Gov. Brown Signs Law Preventing Fines For Yellow Lawns During DroughtGov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation to protect California residents who let their lawns go brown during the drought.