YouTube Suspends Comments On Videos Of KidsYouTube said Thursday it will turn off comments on nearly all videos featuring kids - potentially affecting millions of posts on the site - after reports last week that pedophiles were leaving inappropriate comments on innocuous videos of children.
Mother Says 10-15 Second 'Momo' Video Almost Killed Her FamilyAn internet troll may be on your child's computer and experts warn to watch out.
Mom Discovers Suicide Instructions In Video On YouTube KidsVideo promoting self-harm tips -- spliced between clips of a popular video game — has surfaced at least twice on YouTube and YouTube Kids since July, according to a pediatrician and mom who discovered the video.
YouTube Promises To Stop Promoting Misleading VideosIf you believe the world is flat, don't count on YouTube recommending videos supporting your theory.
YouTube Promises To Stop Promoting Misleading Videos If you believe the world is flat, don’t count on YouTube recommending videos supporting your theory.
YouTube Revises Policy, Bans Dangerous Prank VideosYouTube is trying to prevent otherwise bright people from doing dangerous things.
Man Arrested After Alleged Threats Against YouTubeWilliam Gregory Douglas' tweets included "I would kill the 100 YouTube employees" and "you want a bigger mass casualty aka shooting let's see what I can do," the FBI said.
After Facebook Scrutiny, Is Google Next?In the latest discovery, CNN reported that it found more than 300 retail brands, government agencies and technology companies had their ads run on YouTube channels that promoted white nationalists, Nazis, conspiracy theories and North Korean propaganda.
Police Say Relatives Never Warned About YouTube ShooterPolice also said that Nasim Aghdam, who wounded three people before killing herself, had visited a gun range before Tuesday's attack.
Why Female Shooters Are RareWomen are rarely behind active shooting incidents, according to data from an FBI study.
YouTube Shooting Is 7th Workplace Shooting In 28 MonthsSeven workplace shootings have happened in more than two years since the San Bernardino shooting.