There are two things that are nearly impossible to find: miracle diet plans that work and quality hotels that allow pets. As we have yet to find a weight-loss secret, we have focused our efforts on finding amazing Sacramento hotels that welcome pets to stay. While they vary in location and cost, each one is a great option for those looking to travel with their four-legged friends.


Hyatt Regency Sacramento
1209 L St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 443-1234

The Hyatt Regency in Sacramento not only features an amazing restaurant, but is also pet friendly. For those looking to bring their pooch with them, keep in mind that the Hyatt requires a three-day notice before you show up with your precious pet. This hotel is across the street from the State Capitol, so pet owners can take their furry friend for a walk while observing the beautiful grounds. The only downside is that your dog must weigh less than 50 pounds, or should you have two dogs in tow, their combined weight cannot exceed 75 pounds.


Staybridge Suites
140 Promenade Circle
Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 575-7907

Staybridge not only allows pets, but also provides walking areas, magnets to let other guests and housekeepers know that you have a pet in your room and bags for when you need to clean up after Fido. While there is a pet fee, the rooms are reasonable enough to offset the cost. Keep in mind that dogs need to be kept on a leash when not in their rooms, and the pets cannot be in the room during housekeeping service.

The Citizen Hotel
926 J St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 447-2700

What sets the Citizen Hotel apart from the rest? No pet fees and no weight restrictions. Located across the street from Cesar Chavez Park, this hotel is not only pet friendly, but it genuinely likes pets to the point that it will hold the door open for your terrier. If you and Fluffy are looking to be pampered, brew some coffee in the Keurig and let your pet drink from a Citizen Hotel water bowl.

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The Sutter House
1100 H St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 441-1314

The Sutter House is a “Best Western Plus,” which means it is like Best Western’s classy older brother; they are from the same gene pool, but Best Western Plus has better style and is a little hipper than traditional Best Westerns. That being said, the Sutter House is a “European-style boutique hotel” that is dog friendly only. While there is a pet fee and a weight limit (80 pounds for two dogs) and may not provide all of the bells and whistles that an upscale hotel may have, The Sutter House is reasonably priced, has rooms dedicated to pet owners and allows your pooch to stay with you. The pet fee at the hotel is $25 per pet, and is non-refundable.


Residence Inn Downtown
1121 15th St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 443-0500

Residence Inn is a pet-friendly hotel for those looking for something more upscale that won’t break the budget. While it does have a non-refundable pet cleaning fee of $100, it makes up for the cost by providing great rooms and complimentary breakfast. For those of you who don’t feel comfortable leaving your pet alone during breakfast, Residence Inn also provides kitchenettes in rooms for those who want to dine with the dogs. Residence Inn is pet friendly, regardless of breed as long as the pet doesn’t weigh over 75 pounds, so feel free to bring your pooch with you and enjoy the park nearby.

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