I scream, you scream, Sacramento screams for ice cream. Among the best parlors for a scoop are Vic’s Ice Cream, Leatherby’s Family Creamery, Gunther’s, Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium and Burr’s Fountain.

(credit: vicsicecream.com)

(credit: vicsicecream.com)

Vic’s Ice Cream

3199 Riverside Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 448-0892

Since 1947 Vic’s somehow survived chain store competition and 63 years of fickle tastes. But make no mistake, the iconic Land Park eatery is here to stay. Vic’s red dipping sauce is one of several secret items on the menu and part of what has made Vic’s famous.  Oh, and then there’s the ice cream. They have 29 different flavors, including seasonal oddities like garlic — a whipped especially for the Gilroy Garlic Festival. Vic’s began simply scooping ice cream later added sandwiches. This Land Park eatery is now a vital part of the community and holds as many political power lunches as it does soccer victory parties. Try their legendary hot dog sandwich or cheese dog. During the summer they serve their signature Lime Rickey. Their ice cream cakes are also delicious. Co-founder Vic Zito is rumored to have decorated them himself until he died at age 90.

(credit: leatherbys.net)

Leatherby’s Family Creamery

2333 Arden Way # A
Sacramento, CA 95825-4000
(916) 920-8382

It’s a family-owned shop with all the style of a traditional ice cream parlor — from the checkerboard floor to the decorative wrought-iron tables and chairs. Several of the menu items are named for family members. You can also buy food there.

(credit: gunthersicecream.com)


2801 Franklin Blvd,
Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 457-6646

Kids of all ages will find something at Gunther’s. Along with ice cream, you can get treats like chocolate mousse pie on a stick or frozen cheesecake on a stick.  The Half and Half is a customer favorite. It’s a cup with a topping of your choice and on top of that, put in Gunther’s Fruit Freeze, and on top of that ice cream.

(credit: suttercreek.org)

Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium

51 Main Street
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
(209) 267-0543

Stevens Price is not your average businessman. Then again, this isn’t your average ice cream shop. Price dishes out tunes while they workers dish up sundaes — all beneath one roof. It’s a turn of the century store in the middle of a turn of the century town. Price takes requests and his fingers and his Milton 1919 piano do the rest. Price, who studied business and music in college, says the ice cream shop is the perfect combination of his skills. And it’s a way to fuse his passion for ragtime music with the history of Sutter Creek. It’s the perfect mini-escape to a time and place not too far away.

(credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Burr’s Fountain

4920 Folsom Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95819-4439
(916) 452-5516

Take a step back in time. Burr’s is a fun little mom and pop joint that, along with ice cream, sells soup, salads and sandwiches. It’s a little overpriced, but it’s a great place for families.