Tesla has just signed a deal with an Austrailian company to source graphite from its mines in Mozambique.

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Tesla To Source 8,000 Tons Of Graphite From MozambiqueTesla has just signed a deal with an Austrailian company to source graphite from its mines in Mozambique.
Thieves Worsen Supply Chain IssuesThieves have been contributing to the recent supply chain issues by stealing from railroad containers.
Northern California Woman Ticketed In LA When She Wasn't There, She SaysA Northern California mom was ticketed and ordered to pay $186, but she wasn't in L.A. at the time of the infraction, she says. Fearing that fees would accrue, she paid the ticket but now wants a refund.
Slow Job Growth Despite More Jobs AvailableThe job market is moving closer to pre-pandemic levels, however, not as quickly as we'd hoped.
Champagne Sales Expected To Hit $6 BillionWith new year parties coming back, champagne sales are on the rise.
Call Kurtis: United Food & Commercial Workers Union Calling For ProtectionThe United Food & Commercial Workers Union is calling on retail chains to step up their COVID-19 protection protocols.
Dry Shampoo Recall Due To Cancer-Causing IngredientThe recall concerns brands like Pantene, Osi, Herbal Essense, and Waterless.
Holiday Shopping Deadlines LoomFor those wishing to send Christmas gifts by mail this year, the shipping deadline to get them there on time is Friday.
With Rising Prices, A Grocery Store In Downtown Sacramento Closes Its DoorsCBS13 investigates the reason for this grocery store closing its doors after only a few slow years.
New Dutch Bros Coffee Shop Opens Near Cal ExpoIf you're looking for your coffee fix, Dutch Bros just opened up a new location in Sacramento.
Apple Hit With Lawsuit Claiming Apple Watch Is UnsafeShould you buy an Apple watch this year? Well, there may be potential for a dangerous bug that the company didn't address resulting in a lawsuit.
Rising Costs Affect Shoppers During The HolidaysWith the rising costs of living as well as general goods, shoppers are searching for the best deals this holiday season.
Gift Givers Get Creative For HolidaysGift givers are getting creative this year, watch to see how.
Black Friday Is Over, But More Sales Still To ComeBlack Friday may be over, but there are still more deals ahead for the holidays.
New Shopping Option: Buy Now, Pay LaterNew payment options help Black Friday shoppers afford to shop away.
Scammers Using Fake Websites To Take Advantage Unsuspecting ShoppersAn expert says they're seeing an over 2,000% increase in scammer websites, which, they say, are driven by supply chain issues.
Call Kurtis: Where's My Trip Refund?Three Elk Grove seniors are out nearly $35,000 for a cruise they never took. How they paid is a big reason they're struggling to get their money back.
Call Kurtis: Elk Grove Senior Ticketed For Truck Donated Six Years AgoWe’ve reported before on agencies using old DMV records and ticketing the wrong person. One was issued in Salinas, a place Emily Blake-Kessel said she’s never been, six years after she donated the truck involved.
Onion Recall After Salmonella OutbreakThe US Food and Drug Administration along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are advising consumers to avoid purchasing certain onions due to a Salmonella outbreak reported in 38 states and Puerto Rico, according to a CDC news release.
Tracy Kid's Basketball Hoop Arrives Broken After Online PurchaseA Tracy 12-year-old was out nearly $500 after buying a basketball hoop that arrived broken.
SMUD Scam WarningA Sacramento business owner said he almost fell victim to what he called a smooth scam. He runs a golf shop and called the guys who tried to rip him off “villains."
Getting Answers: What Will It Take To Bring Down Gas Prices?California gas prices jumped on average six cents in a week. California has had a record breaking $4.68.What will it take for these prices to finally drop? Well, a drop in demand and chances are that won't happen until after holiday travel. The president could tap into the Federal Reserves, although it is a temporary fix. Right now, his administration says it doesn't plan to do that. Oil producing countries, including Russia, have said they will not ramp up oil production. So what's left? You driving less. Fewer drivers buying gas could bring prices down.
US Employee Resignation Rate At All-Time HighPeople across the US have been quitting their jobs in record numbers, with 4.4 million people resigning in September alone. It's a new all-time high. Some economic researchers say the arts, entertainment, and recreation sectors had the most resignations. Workers are more empowered to pick and choose where they work. In order to attract and keep workers, some companies are offering a unique benefit: cold, hard cash.
Call Kurtis: Golden 1 Credit Union Upgrade Leaves Members Struggling To Access AccountsEight days after Golden 1 Credit Union's online banking update, a Sacramento viewer says he’s struggling to access his account to pay his bills.

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