California Lawmakers React To Biden-Harris TicketIn a historic announcement, Joe Biden picked Senator Kamala Harris as his Vice President running mate Tuesday.
Who Picks Sen. Kamala Harris' Replacement?Governor Newsom has the power to choose Harris' replacement if Biden is elected president, but a Sacramento assemblyman wants to change that.
Sen. Kamala Harris Chosen As Biden's Vice PresidentCBS13 Political Analyst Gary Dietrich speaks about the political impacts of this choice.
President Trump 'Surprised' By Biden's VP PickPresident Trump went after Sen. Kamala Harris for her actions during the confirmation hearings for his Supreme Court nominee.
Willie Brown Speaks About Kamala Harris VP NewsFormer California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown says he's excited a Black woman is on a presidential ticket.
Reaction To VP News From Alameda County Where Kamala Harris Grew UpSome in Alameda County are excited Harris is joining the ticket and saying they think she could put nominee Joe Biden over the top in November.
Kamala Harris' Former Campaign Manager Reacts To VP NewsSen. Kamala Harris' former campaign manager, Brian Brokaw, told CBS13 he thinks it's a "wonderful moment for the Democratic party" that Harris was chosen as the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate.
Joe Biden Names Sen. Kamala Harris As Pick For Vice PresidentJoe Biden has chosen California Senator Kamala Harris as his vice presidential running mate. If elected, Harris will be the first woman to hold the position.
This Week In Politics With Gary DietrichCBS13 Political Analyst Gary Dietrich breaks down the latest in local and national politics. (8/6/20)
Sacramento City Council Passes Strong Mayor Ballot MeasureSacramento residents will be able to vote on the Strong Mayor measure in November.
'Rescue America' Rally Held At State CapitolA group of conservative advocates rallied at the Capitol building in downtown Sacramento on Saturday,
This Week In Politics With Gary DietrichCBS13 Political Analyst Gary Dietrich breaks down the latest in politics from around the country. (7/23/20)
This Week In Politics With Gary DietrichCBS13 Political Analyst Gary Dietrich breaks down the latest in politics from coronavirus shutdowns to the possibility of another round of stimulus checks.
Sacramento Mayor Proposes The City Buy 500 Tiny Homes For HomelessThe $5 million proposal would distribute 500 tiny homes to organizations willing to create small communities for the homeless.
President Trump Commutes Roger Stone's Prison TermPresident Donald Trump commuted the sentence of his longtime political confidant Roger Stone on Friday, just days before he was set to report to prison.
Coronavirus Response And PoliticsCBS13's Political Analyst Gary Dietrich talks about the latest political impacts from the state's coronavirus response.
CBS13 Politics: Bernie Sanders Suspends Presidential CampaignCBS13 Political Analyst Gary Dietrich speaks about the impact on the 2020 presidential race after Senator Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign Wednesday.
Politics And CoronavirusCBS13 Political Analyst Gary Dietrich explains why California is in a good position to deal with this crisis.
Restart Economy By Easter?President Trump floated a deadline to fire up the economy by Easter, April 12.
Coronavirus National Update: Pres. Trump Approves 2 Existing Drugs For Treatment Of CoronavirusPresident Donald Trump says he's pushed the Food and Drug Administration to eliminate barriers to getting therapeutics for coronavirus to patients.
Pres. Trump Invokes The Defense Production ActPresident Trump says he is signing the Defense Production Act, which authorizes him to ramp up production of critical supplies.
Super Tuesday ResultsAfter starting with a field of more than two dozen candidates, it's coming down to Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.
Democratic Debate TakeawaysCBS13 Political Analyst Gary Dietrich breaks down the Democratic Debate in South Carolina.
Michael Bloomberg Joins Democratic Debate Stage For The First TimeThe candidates will debate Wednesday night in Nevada.

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