All this week, the Sacramento Valley Coin Club has been placing Old U.S. coins and paper money inside packaging at local retailers and other stores.

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Q&Answers: Local Expert Talks Concerns Over COVID Vaccine Expansion To Children 6 Months And UpDr. Dean Blumberg, an infectious diseases specialist with UC Davis, joined us for a discussion on what parents should know.
Q&Answers: Sacramento Republic FC To Co-Host CPR Training Before Saturday's GameSacramento Republic FC and the American Heart Association are teaming up to help train people in CPR.
Q&Answers: Who Will Feel Federal Reserve's Interest Rate Hike The Most?Dr. Sanjay Varshney, a Sac State professor of finance, joined us for a discussion on the Federal Reserve raising interest rates to combat soaring inflation.
Q&Answers: Does California Still Have A Blood Supply Shortage?Victoria Wolfe with the nonprofit blood services provider, Vitalant, joined us for a discussion on World Blood Donor Day
Q&Answers: Why Is Hypertension The Silent Killer?May is high blood pressure education month and Jessica Ayala, a volunteer with the American Heart Association and nurse care manager with Health Plan of San Joaquin, joined us for a discussion.
Q&Answers: Mayor Talks Why He Started Steinberg InstituteThe mayor joined us for a discussion on Mental Health Action Day and spoke about the goal of his organization.
Q&Answers: Why Is There Still Such A Stigma Surrounding Mental Health?Karen Larsen, CEO of the Steinberg Institute in Sacramento, joined us for a discussion during Mental Health Awareness Month.
Why Is Sacramento Coin Club Placing Old U.S. Coins In Retailers?All this week, the Sacramento Valley Coin Club has been placing Old U.S. coins and paper money inside packaging at local retailers and other stores.
Q&Answers: What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of A Stroke?Rajkamal Khangura, a doctor with Sutter Health, join us for a discussion during Stroke Awareness Month.
Investigator Who Helped Catch East Area Rapist Has New BookPaul Holes joined us for a discussion about his new book "Unmasked: My Life Solving America's Cold Cases" and why he's passionate about solving cold cases.
UC Davis Professor Speaks On Report On High Court Abortion VoteUC Davis Law Professor Lisa Ikemoto joins us for a discussion on reports the U.S. Supreme Court privately voted to overturn abortion rights.
Sam Barris Award Winner Announced For Sacramento AutoramaJohn Buck of the Sacramento Autorama, which returns to Sacramento this weekend, joined to to discuss the event and, in a special surprise, announced the winner of the Sam Barris Award.
Q&Answers: Veteran LA TV Reporter Dave Lopez Releases New Book Following RetirementDave Lopez, the brother of CBS13's Tony Lopez, joined us for a discussion on his new book "It's A Great Life If You Don't Weaken: Family, Faith, And 48 Years On Television."
Q&Answers: Where Does California Stand In Fight Against COVID?Dr. Dean Blumberg, an infectious disease expert with UC Davis Health, joined us Tuesday for a discussion on how California is faring as another variant spreads.
Q&Answers: What To Expect From Natomas Aquatics CenterDeanna Reed, a special events coordinator with the City of Sacramento, joined us to talk about the aquatics center ahead of its grand opening.
Q&Answers: How Will April Storm Impact Road Conditions?Raquel Borrayo with Caltrans joined us to discuss Sierra road conditions around the region as a winter-like storm rolls through Northern California.
Q&Answers: Court Sketch Artist Talks Process Of Capturing Emotion When Cameras Aren't AllowedCourtroom artist Vicki Behringer joined us for a discussion on how she approaches her work.
Q&Answers: Expert Talks Taxes As Deadline ApproachesA third of Americans are reportedly waiting until Tax Day to file their taxes. One local expert joined us to give advice to those procrastinators.
Q&Answers: Does Drought Impact Allergy Season?If you are suffering during the spring allergy season, there are many more right there with you. One expert joined us for a discussion about the drought's impact on allergies and what sort of circumstances could lead to greater symptoms.
Q&Answers: How Common Is Autism Today?Dr. Aubyn Stahmer with the UC Davis Mind Institute joined us for a discussion.
Q&Answers: Congressman Garamendi On UkraineCBS13 spoke to Rep. Garamendi about the war in Ukraine and the involvement of NATO in assisting the country.
Q&Answers: What's The US Doing To Protect Americans From Cyber Attacks?Companies across the country are reinforcing their cybersecurity preparing for a potential cyber attack as President Biden warns Russia could attack the U.S.
Q&Answers: How Will lettuce Protect Astronauts In Space?UC Davis is working to protect astronauts in space with lettuce. One professor details how that is happeneing.
Q&Answers: Detecting COVID In WastewaterWilliam Wong, director of utilities in Modesto, joined us to discuss the detection of COVID in wastewater and how often departments like his check for it.

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