A Grizzly Flats family who lost their home to the Caldor Fire learned their lender didn’t pay the fire insurance premiums after their loan was sold, so they called us for help.

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College Student From Elk Grove Says Savings Vanished Over Fraudulent Zelle PaymentsHe's out nearly $5,000 and called Kurtis to investigate.
Call Kurtis: I Won The Lottery, Now Where's My Money?A woman called CBS13 reporting that she had won the lottery back in July, but still hadn't received her winnings. That's when Call Kurtis got involved.
Single Mom Scammed Over Puppy For Boy With Special NeedsA Rancho Cordova mom was scammed out of $750 trying to get a puppy for her son.
Military Family Learns They're Uninsured After Fire Destroys HomeA military dad and his wife who lost their home to the Caldor Fire learned they weren't insured and their lender didn't pay their fire insurance bill. More fire victims are coming forward after our investigation saying the pair learned they weren’t covered. Each case involves confusion surrounding the FAIR Plan fire insurance and a home refinance.
Family Of 5 Loses Home to Caldor Fire, Lender Failed To Pay Fire Insurance Premiums From Escrow AccountA Grizzly Flats family who lost their home to the Caldor Fire learned their lender didn’t pay the fire insurance premiums after their loan was sold, so they called us for help.
Call Kurtis: Inside California SweatshopsWhen you think of sweatshops you usually think of overseas operations, but as one employee shows us, unfair working conditions and wages are the norm for some workers right here in California.
Remembering Call Kurtis Problem Solver Luanne HydeBeloved, long-time Call Kurtis volunteer Luanne Hyde passes away.
Refund From Vroom Wasn't What Easy To Get, Customer ClaimsYou can return a car to Vroom within a week and get your money back, minus some fees. But one customer says the refund that doesn't come quite as fast.
Call Kurtis: DMV Charges Credit Card SurchargesOne viewer is upset the DMV charged an extra charge to use her credit card. So she called Kurtis to investigate.
California Burning: Protections for Fire Victims, EvacueesHere are protections and resources for wildfire victims and evacuees.
Call Kurtis: Beware Illegal Contractors Looking to Cash in on Insurance MoneyCrooks often flock to fire zones seeing dollar signs in victims who may soon get insurance checks and have money to rebuild.
Homeowners Terrified  Union Pacific Land Is Putting Their Homes At RiskIn the heart of fire season, an East Sacramento neighborhood is concerned Union Pacific is putting their homes at risk.
Wait Times For California Lottery Prize Payouts Hit 10–16 WeeksA Modesto great-grandmother has been waiting nearly three months for her $30,000 payout. She hit the jackpot twice in one week on two different scratcher tickets. The odds of that happening? Roughly 1 in 8 million. But she hasn’t been so lucky collecting.
Call Kurtis: Tax Pro Makes $700 Mistake; Who pays?Months after Ryan Wood used Jackson Hewitt to prepare his taxes, he says the state informed him he still owed $706. He says his tax preparer entered a wrong number.
Man Pays $59,000 For Unfinished PoolA retired police officer said more than a year after hiring a pool contractor, all he has is a hole in the ground.
Pandemic Causing RV ShortageThe pandemic forced factories that make RVs to shutdown temporarily, and when they came back online, manufacturers faced supply chain issues that continue today. Nationwide, dealerships are having trouble filling their inventory.
California Is The Most-Scammed StateCalifornians lost $621 million to online scams in 2020. Most thieves went after people's personal identities.
Call Kurtis: Mother Of Four Rear-Ended, But Other Driver's Insurance Won't PayTwo days after buying a car, Candice Scott says she was rear-ended but can’t get the other driver’s insurance company to cover the damage.
Dozen Products Being Recalled Due To BacteriaDozens of muffin products are being recalled over possible listeria contamination.
Recall Keeps Farmer From Registering TruckCan a recall keep you from registering a car? Yes, if it’s a pollution-related issue. Recalls are free to fix. But what if you can’t get the parts?
Call Kurtis: Stressed Travelers Worry They’ll Miss Trips With Passport BacklogA backlog of up to two million passport applications has stressed travelers worried they'll miss their trips.
Comcast Changes Retiree’s 29-Year-Old Phone Number Without WarningDarlene Bruno has had the same phone number since 1992, but in early July, a friend told her that number was out of order.
Call Kurtis: Vroom Delivers Wrong, Damaged VehicleA Truckee woman says she ordered a vehicle from Vroom. When it arrived, there were things like improperly fixed body damage and a broken speaker cover.
Winter's Couple Gets Back Investments Taken By The StateEugene and Ann Breznock’s investments, worth $275,000, were transferred from their Charles Schwab account to the state after being deemed unclaimed. The state blames Schwab, saying they submitted the transfer with “errors.” When Eugene reached out to Schwab, he says they directed him back to the state. After they called Kurtis, they were eventually able to get their money back.

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