Call Kurtis: Is Free Same Day Delivery Really free?A Roseville mom says she paid more to use Costco same-day delivery than if she’d shopped in the store.
Elk Grove Cosmetic Surgeon Accused Of Malpractice Surrenders LicenseAn Elk Grove doctor, Mahmoud Khattab, is no longer allowed to practice medicine after, patients say, he butchered them leaving them in pain. One of those patients is now talking with us. She says she went in for laser lipo but wasn't numbed and left with scars.
Deceased Not Disabled: DMV Keeps Sending Parking Placards To Dead WomanVirginia Irons died three years ago  but the DMV keeps sending her disabled parking placards.
Lincoln Couple Fined $350 For Car They Sold 5 Years AgoWe previously exposed how some agencies accessing DMV records sometimes pull up partial records leading to former owners getting hit with fines and penalties. We don’t know if that’s what happened here.
Stockton Mom Sends Zelle Rent Payment To Wrong PersonA Stockton mom used the Zelle money transfer app to pay her rent but sent it to the wrong person. Can she get it back? She called Kurtis to investigate.
Call Kurtis: Woman Stranded Overnight In The Sierra Hours After Calling AAAAn Arnold woman who relies on AAA for roadside assistance, says they left her stranded in the Sierra overnight. She decided to Call Kurtis.
IRS Claims Living Sacramento Woman Is DeadMother of four Tiffany Ruvalcaba hasn’t been able to file her taxes for two years. “Basically the government says I’m dead," Ruvalcaba said. When she filed her 2018 taxes, the IRS claimed they were “unable to process” her tax return because “the taxpayer…was deceased”
Unclaimed Property: $275,000 Vanishes From Retirees Account, Transferred to the State of CaliforniaThe discovery was a shock. Eugene and Ann Breznock’s investments, worth $275 dollars in their June Charles Schwab statement, gone, replaced with a column of zeros.
Modesto Man's Struggles To Get Love Of His Life CrematedA Modesto CBS13 viewer says he struggled to get the love of his life cremated, and called Kurtis to investigate.
Tahoe Board Of Directors Puts Restrictions On Vacation PropertiesA board of directors in Lake Tahoe is proposing a 500-foot buffer between rental homes as a way to cut down on congestion caused by a large number of tourists coming to the area.
Prospective Tenants Being Charged $40 Fee To View Orangevale ApartmentsAn Orangevale renter said he was required to pay a $40 application fee, just to view an apartment. He says he doesn't think he should have to put down money just to see an apartment.
Sacramento Son Worries He Received Someone Else's Ashes After His Mother Was CrematedA Sacramento son was worried the crematorium returned someone else's ashes after his mother's death, so he called Kurtis to investigate.
Chain Restaurants Marketing Food On Delivery Apps Under Different NamesA Call Kurtis investigation uncovered several chain restaurants marketing their food under different names.
Call Kurtis: Is Your Tax Refund Safe?If you take money that doesn’t belong to you, it’s theft, but somehow the Franchise Tax Board, the agency that collects your taxes, is getting away with it.
Call Kurtis: Is Your Tax Refund Safe?If you take money that doesn’t belong to you, it’s theft, but somehow the Franchise Tax Board, the agency that collects your taxes, is getting away with it.
Thousands of Graduates Not Allowed to Work After State Cancels Licensing ExamsShe’s got her diploma and her loans are due, but Sarah Stevenson, a cosmetology graduate from Shingle Springs, says the state is keeping her from getting her license.
Sears At Arden Fair Mall To Close On April 15After 50 years, the Sears store at the Arden Fair Mall is closing.
Sacramento Man Stranded In Colombia Amid PandemicA Sacramento father says the pandemic stranded him in violent Colombia.
Senior Struggles To Get $160 Refund For Canceled Concert TicketsCitrus Heights senior Mark Vance struggled to get a refund for a Cher concert, so he called Kurtis to investigate. 
Retiree Struggles To Get Back $200 Hotel Deposit After Paying With Debit CardIf you have a choice to pay a hotel bill with a credit card or a debit card, use credit.
Airbnb Refusing Refunds Due To COVID RestrictionsThe stay-at-home order is forcing some to cancel holiday plans. Those who have shelled out thousands for rentals are upset they can’t get that money back.  
Call Kurtis: State Can't Ban Offensive License Plates, Judge RulesCalifornia can’t enforce a ban on vanity license plates it considers “offensive to good taste and decency” because that violates freedom of speech, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.
After Repairman Breaks Dishwasher, Who Should Pay?Newcastle viewer Chere Yamasaki said the extended warranty company came out to fix her dishwasher and ended up causing more damage.
Foothills Boy Scout Duped On Project To Honor VeteransThe Sutter Creek scout says the website he paid to make the plaques never delivered, leaving his Eagle Scout project stalled. 5:00 p.m.

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