• pot brownies

    Student Arrested After Pot Brownies Sicken Classmates

    It started with a Snapchat picture with a bowl of pot and brownie mix. The next day, she same with brownies

  • vietname ambulance

    Decades Later, Vietnam War Ambulance Returns To Driver

    The vehicle he once used to transport the wounded made a 7,600-mile trek to his driveway.

  • money back guarantee vodka

    Call Kurtis: Sam's Club Wouldn't Back Vodka Guarantee

    It says 100 percent money-back guarantee, but one viewer tells us the store wouldn't stand by it.

  • cheering

    Bill Would Treat Cheerleaders Like Full-Fledged...

    The rule is a step in the right direction, say cheerleading advocates.

  • forced to fire shooting

    Cellphone Video Surfaces Of Stockton Police Shooting

    Neighbors can be heard screaming for him to put the hammer down, but the man responds that he doesn’t want to.