• water wasters cracj dwon

    Olivehurst Cracking Down On Water Waste In Drought

    They're checking meters and penalizing customers who use too much water on their bills.

  • caught in the act

    Police: Business Owner Posed As Caltrans Employee

    They say he was trying to steal an antique wagon from a nearby cafe in Sonora.

  • stokcton volence

    Police: Suspects In 5 Stockton Shootings Are Gang...

    9 people were injured, but nobody was killed in the burst of violence.

  • stolen chickens

    Thieves Steal Chickens From Marysville Nonprofit

    The group helps disabled adults who raise the birds from hatchlings.

  • app

    Rocklin Mom's App Helps Connect Parents To Schools

    The app is the brainchild of Rocklin mom Carin Lane, who saw a need for better communication at her own kids’ school.