DON'T FORGET: Measurable rain means no watering for two days. Adjust your sprinklers accordingly.
  • fire risk falling

    Fewer Homes At Risk Of California Wildfires

    While awareness has helped reduce the number of homes at risk by 28 percent, the cost to rebuild has moved upward.

  • baseball bat beating

    Stockton Mom Defends Daughter With Baseball Bat

    When robbers had a gun to her face, Amanda Merlos thought she might as well go down fighting.

  • preventing problems running

    Technology For Elite Runners Can Help Elderly

    What's helping an Olympic hopeful can also help seniors walk without fear of falling.

  • ring reunion

    Call Kurtis: The Return Of The Ring

    She's spent 14 years trying to find the owner of this ring. We help her find the owner.

  • smartphone security risk

    New iPhone Flaw A Reminder To Be Careful With Wi-Fi

    Hackers are getting in through a malicious Wi-Fi connection with a fake network that Apple devices connect to by default.