• rain

    Foggy Morning, Rain On The Way

    It's going to be a wet weekend.

  • shopping safety

    Experts Warn Shoppers To Be Careful During Holiday...

    Identity theft and fraud are two big worries on the uptick as scammers are waiting to cash in.

  • Placer County Honor Guard

    Placer County Honor Guard Ready For Darkest Days

    This sheriff's unit never left Sheriff's Det. Michael Davis' side after he was killed in an October crime spree.

  • sideshow sweep

    Sacramento CHP Officers Help Round Up Sideshow

    Illegal street racers hit the roads in Oakland on the same day the officers were helping with Ferguson protests.

  • black friday

    Black Friday Creep Turning Off Shoppers

    Thanksgiving deals aren't appealing to family's would rather spend the day together.