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    "Sylvia" was first produced off-Broadway starring Sarah Jessica Parker - Broderick's wife - in the doggie role
    Not only was Gordon wearing a ring on his left finger, but he was also wearing the ring he gave to Bobbi Kristina on his neck
    A newspaper article about a low-budget flick led authorities to Jason Strange, a convicted bank robber playing a leading role in the film
    Comedian and actress Roseanne Barr put Zimmerman's parent's address on her Twitter feed three years ago
    Kate Winslet recreated iconic "Titantic" flying scene on a mountain with Bear Grylls, watch it here
    Netflix weighs in on whether the cast will be back for another round
    Bill Cosby did not recognize that the Temple University employee he had befriended was gay, the woman's lawyer noted Tuesday in a court filing
    Will the Netflix reboot of the ABC comedy "Full House" feature the entire original cast?
    A slew of new and veteran artists have been announced for this year's lineup
    The comedian created the upcoming series called "Master of None"