LINCOLN, Calif. (CBS13) ― Workers are still cleaning up after vandals trashed a cemetery in Lincoln over the weekend, breaking and smashing more than 150 tombstones.

For Alma Moody, who visits her three children and grandson at the Manzanita Cemetery, the crime is heartbreaking and unthinkable.

“I can’t say why would anybody come out and do something like this,” Alma said. “It doesn’t make any sense. If they want to destroy something, I don’t know where… go somewhere else for God’s sake.”

Placer County Cemetery District representative Peter Barmettler said the vandals must have spent hours at the cemetery to cause such a huge amount of damage.

“Somebody exerted a lot of effort to pull some of these stones down, some of them weigh hundreds, even thousands of pounds,” Barmettler said. “You just don’t pull those over easily.”

Statues, fences and benches were also targeted in the vandalism spree. Officials say it’s the worst case of vandalism in the cemetery’s 150 year history, causing more than $100,000 in damage.

No suspects have been identified.

Placer County authorities are looking into ways to add extra security to the area.

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