By Steve Large

TAHOE CITY, Calif. (CBS13) ― A dispute over high levels of a toxic chemical in the water in a Sierra community may end with the government seizing the supply through eminent domain.

Tests from well water used in Tahoe City shows arsenic levels at twice the maximum containment level mandated by the state of California, which were just put into effect in 2008.

The chemical, which is known to cause cancer, has driver Logan Carnell out of her home and is such a hot issue she can’t even sell her home.

“It’s absurd in this modern time that we’re living with this situation,” Carnell said.

Carnell has joined with other residents in launching a telephone and e-mail crusade against Forest Lake Water Company, which services about 120 Tahoe City Homes.

The owner of the company calls Carnell’s claims politically driver and says water quality meets all standards.

The Tahoe City Public Utilities District is taking up the rare move of trying to seize control of water service to the affected homes using eminent domain.

A hearing on that tactic is set for December 2. The owner of Lake Forest Water Company says he plans to fight the issue.

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Comments (2)
  1. Sick says:

    Galt, CA Just as bad in 2007 through 2011, people sick, posioned! youll get nowhere the state will brush you under the rug like all other ciity’s. Good luck! I was poisoned, still have problems. ZERO Regulation makes it nearly impossible to have any clue what the watewr company or small Cities are doing to your Water. Get a Filter and Get on a well. When Chemichals are added (chlorine) It turns into INORGANIC arsenic whisch is worse, and dont take a hot shower or god fordid have a Hot Tub, your just poisoning yourself, Take this seriously and get a Hair test, Urine Test, or blood test if you think you have been exposed, Only cure is to remove yourself from the source…

  2. Richard Peltier says:

    Are the arsenic concentrations in the water due to natural background levels from the subsurface? Could be. It’s usually hard for news broadcasts to dig deeper into the science behind stories though.

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