SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Real estate mogul Michael Lyon faced a judge for the first time Wednesday on charges of secretly taping sexual encounters with women without their consent.

Lyon didn’t speak and didn’t enter a plea as the judge read the four charges of felony eavesdropping against him and remained silent as he left the courtroom.

According to court documents:

“Jane Doe #2 placed an ad for her services as an escort on an internet site on 1/25/09. In documents provided to law enforcement by Lyon’s ex-girlfriend, there was a copy of an email Lyon wrote to Jane Doe #2 in an attempt to set up a date with Jane Doe #2 the following night.  This email was dated Jan 25.

Based on conversations heard between Jane Doe #2 and Lyon in both of the two videos, it is clear the videos are from two seperate occasions in which Jane Doe #2 and Lyon engaged in sexual activities.

This conclusion is supported by the fact Jane Doe #2 is observed wearing different clothing at the beginnings of both the longer videos.

Based upon the above information, I believe Jane Doe #2 was video recorded by Lyon without her consent on two seperate occasions, while engaging in sexual acts with Lyon in late Jan. 2009.”

Investigators also said they recovered “microdolly video glasses” when they searched Lyon’s car on the day he was arrested. Investigators also searched Lyon’s home, but information on what was recovered was ordered sealed and has not been released.

The video glasses are capable of taking pictures and playing video taken through a lens hidden in the center of the glasses, according to an employee at Sacramento retail store Fox’s Spy Outlet.

Lyon’s next court appearance is scheduled for December 8.

  1. Just The Facts says:

    Gotta love what money can buy…hookers, cool video cameras, “spy” stuff, etc. Can’t wait to see the “video’s” when they are released to the public via some internet site…..Just think, Sac has their own “porn” star, Southern CA has nothing on us!!

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