SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A local airline passenger says she feels violated after a recent security search and has a warning for all women.

There are all kinds of tips out about how to through airport security, but women are getting targeted for what they’re wearing — without any warning.

“I had to have my chest and all down both sides of my legs. What does this up here have to do with my skirt?” said Angela Ezekiel.

Angela is forced to fly a couple of times a month for business. She was recently stopped by security at Sacramento International Airport and was told by an agent that because of her skirt, she would have to undergo a full body pat down.

“I was mad after it happened,” said Angela.

Angela doesn’t understand why her pat down wasn’t from the waist down.

“Why my upper body had to have a pat down simply because I’m wearing a skirt,” said Angela.

TSA confirmed that they have received complaints from women who received full body pat downs simply for wearing skirts, but say this is not their policy. The TSA website does say passengers may be directed to additional screening if clothing is loose fitting or large enough to hide prohibited items. Further, TSA said the screening was random.

Other women flying into Sacramento wearing skirts confirmed that they also underwent additional security, but at other airports screenings were only from the waist down.

When asked if Angela thought that wearing a skirt would get her a pat down, Angela said she didn’t. She’s now able to joke about an experience that left her feeling violated.

“This is my personal space. My husband is allowed in there. I don’t think anybody else is allowed in here. This is not touchy feely. I should have been paid,” said Angela.

A TSA representative we spoke to said they would look into this is happening at Sacramento International Airport. Our repeated calls to TSA for an explanation have not been answered.


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