SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A stuck duck lead to a rescue operation in Sacramento’s Land Park tonight.

We all know how the president pardons birds every Thanksgiving, but tonight, the Sacramento Fire Department decided to follow suit.

“We thought we’d pardon one in Sacramento,” said a firefighter.

A mallard got stranded and stuck in a Land Park pond in the plant protector. No one knows how he got here, but he couldn’t get out. Someone taking an evening stroll saw the bird and called for help.

“Sounds a little weird, doesn’t it?” said a firefighter.

The only problem is there’s really no way to get there without some paddles. Within just a few seconds rescuers reached the bird, lifted the fence, and let him loose, free to quack its way to freedom.

“It’s Thanksgiving. Save a duck…eat a turkey,” said a firefighter. “We’re happy we could help,” said another firefighter.

It was a job well done and no resource was spared.

“You call, we come. That’s how we do it,” said a firefighter.

And if this bird knew just how lucky he was to be one of the lucky ones on Thanksgiving, he would have probably waddled his way over to give firefighters a quacking thank you.

Firefighters say this is only the second time they can remember rescuing a duck from that pond.


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