MEDFORD, Mass. (AP) — Colleges are bringing in the dogs to calm down students during finals.

Tufts University near Boston is using playful, therapeutic Australian Shepherds as a way to ease stressful students who are preparing for final exams and may be entering a tough job market.

The Massachusetts school is joining a movement in offering quirky stress-fighting events for students facing final exam woes.

Brian Van Brunt, president of the American College Counseling Association, says more colleges are embracing alternative stress relievers from sponsoring late night yoga to oxygen bars.

For example, Ohio’s Oberlin College, who also uses therapeutic dogs, allows students to dance for five minutes in the library during exam time. Harvey Mudd College in California is planning Tuesday to drop 10,000 rubber balls from a dorm roof to anxious students below.

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  1. Carole says:

    Anything to break the stress and “Dogs” do it so well. I come home to three dogs when I get off work and they are the best stress reducers and mood elevators known to man. I don’t even want to think of coming home to an empty house before everyone else gets home. The four-footed furballs are waiting for me and they know that they have my full attention for at least 30 minutes.. Happy wagging tails beat up my legs and big tongues wash my face and equally big noses dig into my purse or briefcase. What a homecoming!! Stress immediately reduced!

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