RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) — Sheriff’s investigators want Lindsay Lohan charged with battery for last month’s skirmish with a Betty Ford Center rehabilitation technician.

   Riverside sheriff’s Sgt. Joe Borja says a two-week investigation shows Lohan violated her probation during the Dec. 12 altercation and details will be sent to the Los Angeles County Probation Department this week. A Beverly Hills judge has said Lohan will be jailed if she violates probation.

   Borja said in a news release Monday that investigators expect to take their case to the Riverside County district attorney’s office this week for possible prosecution.

   Lohan returned to the Palm Desert drug dependency center after curfew and refused Dawn Holland’s request to take a Breathalyzer test. Lohan allegedly pushed Holland, who then dialed 911, and Lohan ripped the phone away and injured Holland’s wrist.

   (Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)

Comments (10)
  1. 911 says:

    old news put her ass in gail for a very long time.

  2. bob says:

    put her ass in jail for a VERY long time

  3. concerned citizen says:

    Have scwarzneggar grant her clemency

  4. Geez Louise says:

    Enough already – Quit slapping her on the wrist, quit letting her out for ‘good’ behavior. Quit patting her on the head and saying, “It’s okay.” Take off the kid gloves, grab her buttox and THROW, do not toss or place gently, them (along with the rest of her) into a jail cell. Hang the key in a lock box and lock it. Rehab isn’t working – She only goes through the motions. Get serious with her.

  5. bouncer says:

    She is cute and a big star! Be nice to her because she should not have to obey the law like the rest of us. She is special! Let her go forth to do harm to others! OK?

  6. Elle says:

    And we all wonder what’s wrong with the justice system in this coutry.

  7. bossman says:

    This is what growing up in the media spotlight creates. It’s like people enjoy watching her get into trouble to avoid their own problems in life.

  8. grumpy says:

    if you interupt a 911 phone call it is a felony. why isnt she getting charged with that. and evrytime you violate probation the jail time doubles in every other county why not hers. she should be at 120 to 240 days in county jail

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