MANTECA, Calif. (CBS13) — A pet owner is trying to raise money for life-saving cancer surgery for her dog by holding a garage sale.

Denise Brosio says her five-year-old black Labrador, Rocko, has three tumors, including one in his chest that could be cancerous.

“He loves people, loves to play but he can’t maneuver himself until he has surgery,” she said.

The operation to remove Rocko’s tumors will cost up to $750 — money Brosio says she doesn’t have.

She is trying to raise the money for Rocko’s surgery by holding a garage sale.

“It’s not guaranteed but I’m trying not to put him to sleep,” she said.

Denise tried to have a garage sale before, but rainy weather kept people away.  She is hoping the weather will cooperate this time and let her raise the money for Rocko’s surgery.

“He’s such a good guy, you just don’t find a dog like this and I can’t elaborate enough how much I want him to live,” Denise said.

For more information on the garage sale, call Denise at (209) 665-4420.

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  1. Deekay lee says:

    Why can’t you guys KOVR pay for Rocco’s surgery

    1. Linda says:

      Each of us is allowed our own opinion and the right to have it published. M in Carmichael, you used that right and people responded. Unfortunately the majority of the responses weren’t necessarily on your side.

      I give CBS13 kudos for publishing this story for two reasons. #1 – Should I have the money and want to donate it towards Rocco and his surgery, I have been given that opportunity. And #2 – it’s about a woman who is local, who could have easily taken the dog to SPCA and had him put down. Instead she is willing to sell whatever it will take to raise the money to help Rocco receive the surgery. And as everything in life… there are no guarantees..

      Your opinion is definitely appreciated. I lost a friend yesterday to cancer and my mother 10 years ago to cancer and several other friends and family in between. I also have 3 dogs. I did not ask for these animals, they wondered up onto my property after being abandoned by their original owners. One showed up with wire wrapped tightly around her neck. It appeared that she had been tied up and had broken free and decided to stop at our home. Six days later she delivered 5 large puppies. Another one lived next door. When her owners were evicted, they left the dog in the back yard. It was several days before we realized the dog had not had any food or water in days. Why would humans do that? As someone said earlier, animals love us unconditionally and so we are drawn to their pleas for help as we are for children who are sick.

      So I have experienced both sides of the fence, and don’t say that as if it is a “badge of honor”. God bless those that have or are suffering from cancer today, God bless those that are in remission from this disease and God bless those who have 4 legs that suffer with the same ailments as those of us with 2 legs do.

      p.s. As far as people in our community who may need help, please “M”, find those stories and bring them to the attention of CBS13, I am sure they would be interested in a few of them.

    2. diane says:

      To M in Carmichael:

      FYI, the show is doing a story this morning on a woman who has CANCER and someone is giving them a free wedding. So, there ya go. The show DOES help EVERYONE!

  2. M in Carmichael says:

    Not to be harsh, considering our family too has a dog, but this story really struck a nerve. To see a story like this about a pet when there are so many people fighting cancer is almost insulting. There are so many people -mothers, fathers,sisters,brothers,children, etc., who are fighting cancer, needing treatment and not being able to afford it. People who loose everything to save their loved ones. Yet, CBS 13 feels this story is important to air…let’s talk about support that the people in our community may need.

    1. diane says:

      obviously your dog is not a “family member”. Because if it was, you would be just as concerned as it having cancer as any other family member. Some dog owners animal are as important to them as their family members, I know mine are.

    2. Amy says:

      So…no story should ever be reported unless it’s the worst thing ever? What about a family with a child with cancer…don’t report that because there’s another family with TWO children with WORSE cancer? I really find your comment insulting. This woman is trying to save her dog’s life. It struck enough of a nerve with someone at the local station to put a small notice about it on the internet…and you’re insulted? Wow.

      1. M in Carmichael says:

        Our dog is defintakey our first chd and we treat her so. We also have the means to support her. We are definately animal lovers and supporters, but to me, a person who is currently dealing with cancer in the family this story just struck a nerve- that’s all. Compassion for peoples lives is also important. Those are just my feelings. Apparently this is not a place to discuss that.

    3. Nicole Jenson says:

      M in Carmichael… just because you are human and other humans have cancer does not mean a non-human who has cancer should not be as important… even us animals deserve help sometimes.

      sincerely, weedle (aka: nicole’s kitty)

    4. sam says:

      i agree. this world is upside down…people would rather raise dogs than have children. babies are aborted but pets are cherished and become “family members”. we barely have money for food for our families, but we will always make sure the pet doesn’t go hungry. what is this world coming to?

      1. Amy says:

        You have GOT to be kidding me! Do you know how many animals are put to sleep every single day?! With all due respect, your post is ridiculous.

  3. kay frazier says:

    If KOVR paid for Rocco’s surgery they would have thousands looking for a hand out. I think its great their making his condition public so all of us dog lovers can pull together and help.I for one will be making contact and find some way to help.Hang in there Rocco, you’ll be well before you know it!

  4. S in Auburn says:

    Resonse to M in Carmichael:
    I say good for CBS for airing the story! Many of us feel that our animals are members of our family and would do anything to help them and should not be criticized for doing so. All stories are important, from people to pets! Good luck Rocco!!!!!

  5. kay frazier says:

    I agree there are lots of people fighting cancer who are loosing everything they have to fight their illness. There are also many resources for people with cancer to tap into. I don’t think Rocco’s family is looking for a hand out. I think KOVR is just one resource their using to bring awareness of their up coming garage sale..

  6. kay frazier says:

    I agree there are lots of people fighting cancer who are loosing everything they have to fight their illness. There are also many resources for people with cancer to tap into.But, I don’t think Rocco’s family is looking for a hand out. I think KOVR is just one resource their using to bring awareness of their up coming garage sale..

  7. Lori Kuhnigk says:

    It is impossible to save the world. I would never be able to save a child from cancer, even though I wish I could. We already know we can not save everyone, or everything, but if I can do anything at all to save a good dog’s life, I’m all for that. A little bit goes a long way. I love animals, and good luck to Rocco.

  8. Brandi says:

    This is a great story. A dog gives you unconditional love. This shows how important her dog is to her. I have a kid, and 2 Rottweilers, and last year I had to spend 4,000 to fix his leg, and I would do it all over again. As a pet owner just like a parent we have responability to take care of them, if you don’t want to take what ever measure possible to fix them, then you should not be lucky enough to have a gift like a dog. My dogs are spoiled just like my kid, and I would never change it. They are the love of my life, and no matter what they are a true gift…Good for you Channel 13.

  9. Phil Kampel says:

    M, you have a right to your opinion, but I wonder, do you complain when there is a story about someone having a bake sale or selling fireworks to buy uniforms for an athletic team? What’s wrong with people liquidating possessions for whatever reason that’s important to them?

    Brandi makes a good point. If you are going to have a dog or any pet, it should be a lifelong commitment and you should do whatever you have to or find someone who can help.

  10. sactokat says:

    Several years ago my only son ruptured an artery in his head and would have died if I had not authorized surgery immediately. Of course, I authorized it immediately and it was expensive, but I had full medical coverage. Just a few years later, my big-boned German Shepherd was hit by a car and it shattered his thigh. I took him to a canine orthopedic surgeon who could fix it with a 9-bolt plate. He quoted the price and I wrestled with the decision for a day. Suddenly it dawned on me that I my dog was important and I couldn’t put him down, because he needed the surgery. It wasn’t even a question when my son needed surgery – why now?.

  11. paula says:

    you people crack me up!!!!! you can tell the ones that just have a pet , just to say they have one, they dont know the 1st thing of loving a animal!!!!!

    1. sam says:

      actually, i had quite a few pets, that i loved dearly, cried for when they died, was upset when they were sick. BUT I never forgot they were pets, not family, and that is a big difference. I cannot value a pet’s life as I do a human life.

  12. sactokat says:

    A commitment to any pet should always be for the long haul. If you cannot be there in the bad times – as well as the good times – don’t go there! Animals experience love and feelings of commitment for all the length of their days!

    1. Edie Morgan says:

      yea ..your right……35 years ago I got horses and now struggling to feed them. I should have had a crystal ball so I could see in the future that california was going down the tubes…And , yes, everyone out there make sure you don’t get married. Your mate might get sick and your having financial difficulties.And last but not least ..don’t have kids either.Same thing might happen there…

  13. mriverbank says:

    M in carmicheal have a garage sale to save everyone in the world. Shame on You!! This women is kind, i am sure Rocko will be fine I am collecting donations for him! He is such a hunk!!! Im callin friend and family to ask for donations. $750 us as a community !!! sure we can do it!!

  14. Edie Morgan says:

    Forget the negative comments. Especially the ones comparing your dog having cancer to a person/s. Because there is a person/s out there with cancer (in my own family) you should let your dog die ? Ludicrous ! The news is full of different people using their resources and time to help animals in need. Horses down a ravine, cats up a telephone pole, dogs stuck in a sewer piepe and or a well. Right….let them all die because someone has cancer.Not only that, some sound like your asking for a free handout. Your having a garage sale! Your selling your OWN stuff. What you do with the proceeds is your bussiness. So…good luck Rocko, plenty of sunshine and make lots of money. I will be getting in touch!! Also THANK YOU !!! CBS13 for using YOUR resourses to help….

  15. Kimberly says:

    There is a credit card called “Care card” she can apply for online or over the phone that you can get up to 5,000 dollars. We got it for when our dog was at UC Davis Vet Hospital. I suggest she apply.

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