SACRAMENTO (CBS13) —  A brawl at Arden Fair Mall turns into a stabbing, and the victim left a trail of blood leading  into a Macy’s department store.

Police say several men got into a fight in the parking structure before sit spilled into the mall.

A man was stabbed just a few feet away from one shopper who had their car parked in the parking structure.

“Wow, I’m just surprised, I never expected that to happen here, especially at the mall right here,” said Nai Sachao, Arden Fair Mall Shopper.

Instead of shoppers, crime scene investigators swarmed Macy’s, taking pictures of the blood trail in and outside the store.

Police say the men didn’t know each other, but for whatever reason, four or five men decided to attack one man.

“They got into a scuffle out in the parking lot, and they were chasing the guy around and eventually knocked him to the ground,” says Sgt. Michael Poroli, Sacramento Police Dept

Police say the man, stabbed several times in his upper body, made his way to the Goodyear Tire store where someone called the police.

No one came forward to tell police what the attackers looked like or what kind of vehicle they fled in, but police say the area is blanketed with surveillance cameras, so they should have a good description of the suspects.

Comments (21)
  1. Chris Webber Jr. says:

    @elliott the cat, it never fails w/ you. i can always depend on you to stay negative. i don’t like violence, no matter what color they are. if you don’t like living around different people of ethnicity. there are plenty all white towns in northern, northern california like paradise, ukiah, willows, redding, weed, live oak, grass valley, nevada union.

    1. Layla says:

      All white towns? Wow you are ignorant. Not to mention irritating with comments like that.

  2. jed says:

    I am a gambler,betcha i know what race the suspects are…….

  3. Steve says:

    The questions everyone should be asking is.
    1. Why they did not release and description?
    2. Why no citizens intervened?
    3. Is it safe to go any where in Sacramento?
    4. Where is our Mayor?
    I have noticed that the local headlines on Yahoo have posted numerous murders and assualts with firearms and knifes, over the last several months.

    I’m very concerned and wonder what answers the mayor or other city and county officials have to say.

    1. Smart Shopper says:

      I go to Country Club Plaza. It’s Thug free.

  4. FEDUP ALSO says:

    1. Cause they don’t know
    2. Scared
    3. NO not without a pistol
    4. In the rack with his girlfriend
    Sacramento will never get cleaned up until we start making arrests and clean up the streets of the living trash that occupy them. Martial law will come sooner that we all think

  5. Susan A Morgan says:

    If you can not post a comment that is not Racist dont post anything at all.
    Thugs, murders, rapist, child molesters come in all shapes and colors.
    I am amazed and how ignorant people are.

  6. Not surprised says:

    Someone is quoted as saying:

    “Wow, I’m just surprised, I never expected that to happen here, especially at the mall right here,” said Nai Sachao, Arden Fair Mall Shopper.

    Really? Surprised? I expect that stuff to happen at Arden which is why I never go there. I have plenty of other shopping options in Sacramento where I’m not looking over my shoulder.

    1. Teresa Mai says:

      i agree with YOU!! this mall is GHETTO!! c`mon… it’s turning into FLORIN MALL!!

  7. me says:

    Like the other guy said. HMMM? I wonder what color they are?

    1. Cash says:

      Why does color matter? Are you worried that your Meth dealer was involved?

      1. me says:

        Color does not matter. They wrote there own book.

  8. Gena says:

    Waiting for my Buddy to write a response

  9. Truth can hurt says:

    I’m Hispanic and not at all in denial of what certain races are capable of. It’s true,your safer around white people. Thats why I’m so fond of being surrounded by them.

    1. Stringer says:

      @Truth can hurt – U are so right about surrounding yourself around great white folk. Other than robbing my 401K, sending my son to a hopeless war and foreclosing on my Mother’s house they are just wonderful. I mean they came to the Americas and just took the land from those native savages. Not only is “white alright but white make might”. Thank you for your highly educated and intelligent comment.

  10. Queen Bee says:

    Everyone seems to think that violence is a race issue it is not it is a society issue. Crimes of violence are committed by people of all colors, all neighborhoods and all walks of life. We as a society need to be aware and cautious anywhere we go whether it be an all white or diverse neighborhood (by the way there are no such thing as only white neighborhoods anymore)

  11. demona says:

    niggas is stupid y would thay do that we kant never go some where with out something terrible happening

    1. Mac says:

      “demona” please put your crack pipe down and get a job.
      Thank you Luv Dad

  12. Tiredoftheidiots says:

    thats why i don’t go to the Arden mall.. too much trouble…

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