Rescue Dog Loses Leg In Fight

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A search and rescue dog who helped find survivors in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is facing a rough road to recovery after losing a leg in a fight with a neighbor’s dogs.

Rocky, a German Shepherd, fought four dogs that broke through a wooden fence and attacked his sister, Missy.

Rocky’s owner, Sean Crabtree, wasn’t at his Yuba County home when the attack happened and the dog wasn’t found until six hours after the incident. Missy was completely unharmed.

“His whole leg was ripped, just ripped apart on the inside,” Sean said. “I’m telling you, amazing resilience.”

Rocky is now nearing the end of his treatment at the UC Davis Veterinarian Hospital after having one of his rear legs amputated.

The owner of the attacking dogs, Josh Spurlock, said he was out of town when the incident took place and a friend left his dogs outside despite warnings to the contrary.

“I feel really bad about what happened,” Josh said. “It was an accident. What can you do?”

Animal control officers determined the incident wasn’t malicious in nature and returned the attacking dogs without issuing a citation.

Sean has been visiting Rocky twice a day at UC Davis and says the dog is still adjusting to walking on three legs and is fighting off a bout of pneumonia. The bills for Rocky’s treatment are approaching $35,000, but Sean’s homeowner’s insurance is covering the costs.

Rocky is expected to return home within the next couple days.


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