Today on The Don Geronimo Show, Don talks about the streaker at the Kings game, the freaky Octomom fetish video, and Patton Oswalt‘s shout out to Don!

Don talks about the streaker at the Kings game last night, and how bad the new American Idol is.

Don calls Janet to talk about the move from Ocean City, and Big Freda is there to visit her!

Don calls in engineer Bruce to discuss the AC issue in the studio, jumps on a few nasty websites, and talks about the new Octomom video, which Rick Dees is apparently involved in.

Patton Oswalt was on Bill Simmons’ podcast yesterday, and mentioned Don’s old show. The guys get to hear what he had to say.

Don plays a Brett Favre parody spot, and a clip of LBJ on the phone ordering pants.

Time for our good buddy Tony Lopez from CBS 13 to stop by.

Caller 100, happy ending

  1. janet sucks says:

    What a sorry lot the regular listeners have! At least online we can avoid the Hag.

    Steve C. — Talk to him again and keep the hag off. It is like a great soup with an idiot chef that keeps putting too much salt in.

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