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  1. Diana says:

    May the Angels find and save Juliani’s little life..please let him survive

  2. Josh Stevens says:

    i pray for the family of little Juliani and his safe return

  3. irene says:

    i pray every day for Juliani save return to his family , i as a mother cannot imagine the pain and fustration the family is going through i just hope that he will come home safe soon . god please help us find this lil boy listen to all our prayers please.

  4. henrrietta says:

    we as parent’s can not let our children be forgotten
    we all pray he is found alive and in good health as a
    grandmother of a four year old and many other’s my
    grandchildren are the glue of my life I’ve have three girl’s and
    three boy’s of my own and 13 grandchildren and one
    greatgrandson Tabitha God is watching over you’r baby
    every day we all pray for you’r son safe return
    love hb ladiao……..

  5. Rick says:

    First I’d like to say my prayers are with the family. I hope they don’t find the car in the canal ,but since they have brought up so many vehicles from just that area. I’m sure there’s alot more. All of which had oil and gasoline in them. What I’d like to know is how many do they need to find before the epa steps in. That water is contaminated.

  6. Carmen Juarez says:

    I hope you find him soon. I have a daughter. She is almost 2 year old.

  7. Aaron says:

    My prayers go out to his family!! I have three kids of my own so I know she is so lost with out her little boy!!Hope they find him alive and soon!! I will pray for his safe return!!!

  8. Georgia says:

    To the man who has Juliani:

    I know you love him. Love him enough to let him go back to his Mommy. You can drop him off at a Police Station or Gas Station and no one has to know. I imagine you are struggling inwardly, and hope you can find the insight to and strength to give him back to his mother. Our life is but only choices and paths…its up to you which one to choose. In doing so, you will find the inner peace that has consumed you with unrest. We are all GOD’s children – even you. Please help the baby to find his momma again.

  9. sara says:

    if anybody knows jose and you are helping him out u are doing very bad please bring juliani back to his family his mother is suffering shes about to have a baby let her have a happy birth by the side of her son juliani don’t hurt her like that anymore she and her family are willng to frogive you and god also bring juliani home.

  10. Mario Fuentes says:

    i pray to you god please have juliani return to his family safe and alive, healthy

  11. Mario Fuentes says:

    condolences for the family of juliani cardenas my heart goes out to the mother and grandma

  12. Tammy Frazer says:

    My prayers are with Juliani’s Mom and Grandmother. My God give you the peace and Strength to move forward.. How prayers are with You.. Tammy

  13. Paola says:

    I am not able to acess this page.

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