VACAVILLE, Calif. (AP) — A Vacaville teacher is seeking a restraining order against a middle school student she accuses of threatening and purposely tripping her during class.
Vaca Pena Middle School teacher Julie Davis says she is worried the 13-year-old student will seek retaliation after being suspended for five days following the Nov. 15 incident.

The 62-year-old Davis filed papers in Solano County Superior Court last week seeking an order forcing the student to stay at least 10 yards away from her.

Davis says the boy threatened to punch her and tripped her after refusing her requests to move his chair, which was blocking a classroom aisle.

She says she fell and suffered a broken arm and dislocated shoulder.

The Vacaville Reporter says a hearing on the request is scheduled for February.

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  1. slow news day says:

    Wow, hard to believe that a school’s disiplinary system is so useless that a teacher needs help from the sherrifs dept to teach a pubescent boy.

  2. WHAT?!?!?!?! says:

    That boy should have to be homeschooled by his parents if he chooses to put teachers in danger. WAKE UP Parents you need to train your children better. I have 4 children and not one of them has ever even dreamed of tripping a teacher or harming one in any way.

    1. L. Chancey says:

      I agree sort of…parents should teach their children- not train. You train animals! I think home-school is a little harsh though. Perhaps it is this young mans’ home environment that has taught him to act in such a manner. I’m thinking that whole scenario of a male threatening a female -who is perceived as weaker- with violence, was a learned behavior. Regardless, counseling should be a priority. You need to identify and treat the root of a problem, or it will never go away.

  3. realist says:

    That little boy needs his ass whooped.

  4. roadlt says:

    YES HES DOES, not once, but twice so he gets the message.

  5. rick says:

    i would love to take care of this [boy] for a half hour

  6. Ginger Reese says:

    Where has the respect gone to. I remember when I was in school when the teacher said jump you jumped. Schools need to teach respect NOW. That boy needs to charged on an assult charges. He also needs to be expelled & his parents need to pay the teachers medical bills. Maybe some time in lock up will help. Why can’t we teach the kids manners anymore.

  7. Ouch says:

    My kid is 5 and she knows that teachers are treated with respect. Always yes ma’am or no ma’am.

  8. LilyO says:

    The schools should not be responsible for teaching appropriate behavior…their hands are completely tied. The parents are the ones who should take care of these matters so our schools can actually teach…instead of babysitting rotten little brats.

    1. Pleezzzz says:

      Yeah, you’re right but the kid should have been expelled. To allow him to return after a suspension does nothing for the safety of the teacher and sends the message that such behavior is tolerated.

  9. robert says:

    its sad no one is safe in school yhe or felllow students la enforcement should make a sample of the boy and his parents

  10. JP says:

    If an adult had done that to a fellow adult they would be in jail right now. If one of my children dared to behave like that I would pull them outta school myself. It would be homeschool in the evening and goin to work with dad during the day. Respect is something PARENTS need to stop BSin around with.

  11. c.smallwood says:

    sad I reside in v.v ca. my son is in highschool here.
    if he were to think about disrespecting a teacher or adult ,he would have to answer to me,would not be pleasant for him.
    although I am not a perfect parent I have taught my children basic rules for living.
    im sad thinking about this youn mans future .

  12. stephanie says:

    im one of her favorite students in her class. and i think its really sad that kids our age thinks its cool to do that kind of stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i really miss her. she s one of my favorite teaches!!!!!!!

  13. Christeen says:

    The report said they couldn’t prove that he did it on purpose, but where were the other students who saw it? They would know if it was intentional, like the look on the face, body language etc… They also would know his personality at school. Aren’t the students speaking up on the teachers behalf?
    This student (if it really was intentional) needs counseling and an investigation into the home life to see where his anger is coming from, but a 5 day suspension is a vacation to most kids, they can play their video games and do what they want. They don’t learn anything with that type of suspension.
    When I was in school, hurting the teacher wasn’t even a thought. Maybe a nasty stupid note or gum in the seat but never physically hurt them.

  14. blah says:

    This people need to do a reality check before it’s late, the stupid law always wait until it’s late, and go back and said oh this and that happen already, by then it’s toooo late….nowwww….WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

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