SACRAMENTO COUNTY – Three people are behind bars following a high speed chase through Sacramento County overnight.
The chase started around 1:30 a.m. along Highway 99 in Sacramento when a police officer noticed a red car that had recently been reported stolen.

The officer got behind the driver and the car took off reaching speeds up to 100 miles an hour.

At one point, the suspect left the freeway in Carmichael, hit a curb and blew a tire.

“During the chase, the suspects were throwing spools of construction nails out of the car in the intent of slowing the pursuing police vehicles,” said Sacramento Police Lt. Hendrickson.

Two of the three suspects tried to run off when the car crashed at Hackberry and Palm but were tracked down.

One suspect was bit by a K-9 officer and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

No word on what charges the three will face.

Comments (4)
  1. Tired of idiots says:

    Yep, some of Sacramento’s finest citizens at work in the wee hours! If we could just get these low lifes to pay taxes on everything they steal, the State might not be in such a bad shape. Of course with the idoits we have running the State, they’d see the income and create more programs to give money to these low lifes so they could afford better lawyers and be even lazier. And the best part is these new programs will cost three times more than what is brought in!!! Ah, California! the Golden Welfare State! If your dream is to not work and have those who do work pay for your sorry hide, this is the place for you!!

  2. tax payer says:

    WHO is going to pay for the flats tires State or county? Who is going to pick up all the nails….

  3. Plain Facts says:

    It’s time for the “Old West” type punishment…steal a car, public hanging! Slapping their writs and sending them to county jail for 3 months will hardly deter future crimes. Time to get tough and stop the bleeding hearts from allowing this behavior.

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