SACRAMENTO (CBS13/AP) – Sacramento police have identified the man accused of making threats against Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson.

Police have arrested 43-year-old Fred Nelson on a probation violation.

The incident happened this morning around 8 a.m. at The Grange, a restaurant in downtown Sacramento.

The mayor was having breakfast with his staff when a man walked up to him. The mayor’s assistant was with Mayor Johnson when the man approached.

“He goes ‘You need to hear this’ and the mayor looked at him and he said ‘You need to hear this’.  And he leaned and whispered in the mayor’s ear,” said R.E. Graswich, the mayor’s assistant. “I couldn’t hear it.  I was several feet away but he (Kevin Johnson) immediately stepped back and looked at the security detail.”

The mayor’s spokesperson, Joaquin McPeek, says the man said: “You’ll be out of office in four hours.  You’ll be dead in four hours.”

The Mayor’s security detail called for back-up and the man who described as well-dressed and calm was taken into custody.  Police say the suspect was not armed.

The suspect has been taken to a nearby hospital.  The security force believes the man may be mentally unbalanced and not really a true threat to the mayor.

The mayor was not hurt.

McPeek says Johnson plans to keep his regular schedule today, attending meetings like nothing happened.

This was the first public threat to Johnson since he won office in 2008. Johnson was a three-time NBA All Star while playing for the Phoenix Suns during the 1990s.

The mayor has declined to talk about what happened.

Comments (6)
  1. john pablo says:

    Hard hitting news. Thanks Sac Bee, keep up the good work!

  2. scopedope says:

    The fathers of the teen age girls he molested should be threatening him.

  3. 916 lady says:

    I would take any threat seriously, I do not know why he wouldn’t either. Weird.

  4. Georgi Jermain Gill says:

    I really think that public officials of any type on any level, should take a long hard look at what is going on around them, it’s pretty obvious right now that people are not just targeting and threatning, but are killing more police officers and public servants than there ever has been. As long as people in this country are suffering financially and feel disenfranchised, it’s only going to get worse. This situation does not suprise me at all, look at what happened to that poor Gifford woman and the other inncocent lives that were just wiped out. For law enforcement to say that this guy that threatened Mayor Johnson was probably mentally unstable………………..well that makes half of the country mentally unstable. You pink slip people, foreclose on their homes and don’t offer much assitance to those who are really hardworking people in need and trust me you will see more crazy and unstable people doing more things like this and much worse. It’s only the beginning of 2011 and it’s already pretty bad, we better seriously tighten up our boot straps, because it is about to get deep.

  5. The White Rabbit says:

    I think the man decided to take the red pill instead of the blue pill

  6. Karen says:

    THE MAYOR WAS EATING BREAKFAST WITH HIS STAFF?????? On tax payer’s money no doubt!!!!

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