FOLSOM (CBS13) – A Folsom woman is blaming the city for a rat infestation in her home.

Heather Watson claims ever since the city started construction on Sutter Street she has been finding rats all over her property and inside her home.

They nested under her chair, destroyed her daughter’s toys and even chewed through wires in her Porsche.

She says she has had about 15 encounters and they don’t even bother hiding from her.

The city doesn’t think the rat infestation is their fault saying Watson is the only person to complain about rats and considers the case closed.

She is now thinking about taking it to the next level.

Comments (7)
  1. Wendy Barton says:

    The city doesn’t think the rat infestation is their fault saying Watson is the only person to complain about rats and considers the case closed.

    tHE CITY NEVER THINKS THATS THE PROBLEM…..The house next to me burned in a massive fire when they came to tear down the damage and rebuild we had rats and ants as this was a very old two-story home that had been divided and use as a rental. They also had roaches and the 5 homes around it suffered!!!! THE DONT THINK STUPID REMARK!

  2. Mark Jenkins says:

    I don’t think the city brought the rats with them, to deposit on the surrounding properties- however, if a structure has rats, and that structure is torn down or removed, doesn’t it make sense (even to a rat) to go to the next closest building that would offer shelter?

  3. connie says:

    If the construction is being done by the city, then I say they are responsible! If the construction disturbed their habitat, they will seek the nearest shelter. In this case it was this ladie’s home. I experienced the same problem about 3 yrs. ago! I live in a mix of residential and industrial neighborhood and when the food processing plant across the street moved, it was on! Especially when the large machinery was being dismantled. So my heart goes out to this lady, it took more than a year to rid of them nasty rodents. So they should foot the bill for an exterminator!!!

  4. Rick Suddes says:

    Spray her house down with “Rataway Fragrance” non-toxic & non-poisonous

  5. Georgiepoorgiepuddingpie says:

    I once farted in folsom

  6. Georgiepoorgiepuddingpie says:

    I once pharted in folsom

  7. Heather Watson says:

    Still radio silence from the City of Folsom. If anyone knows of anyone else in Historic Folsom who’s had rodent issues/damage during the contruction, please let me know or contact KOVR13!

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