GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) – Plans to build a high-end rehab ranch in rural Grass Valley are meeting some serious opposition.

A Bay Area developer is hoping to build on a 70 acre lot at the intersection of McCourtney and Metcalf roads.

The center would service about 70 patients suffering from various addictions from drugs to gambling to sex.

The developer says it will be similar to the Betty Ford Center and would cost each patient roughly $12,000 a month.

Many of the residents are concerned those being treated will wander where they’re not welcome.

“It’s not a place where people can catch buses and get out of the area if they want to go somewhere,” said Grass Valley resident Meagan Thomasson.

Others fear the patients will not leave the area.

“There are 70 acres of wooded property out there for them to do drugs or hide or whatever they decide to do,” said Grass Valley resident Gary Graves.

Dozens of families in the area have contacted the county saying they don’t want the facility in their area.

County officials say a final decision on the rehab center could be weeks or months away.

  1. Peggy McCray says:

    The pot that was growing there and the people that were squatting on the property, dumping their garbage- are certainly better than a rehab. The neighbors definitely have set their priorities on this one. The place was a mess. Makes you wonder what the neighbors are up to.

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