STANISLAUS COUNTY (CBS13) – SWAT officers are going through backyards and a helicopter is searching from the air for a suspect who fired two shots at a Ceres police officer this morning.

Police have identified the suspect as Jorge Mendoza, 25, of Waterford. They are currently searching in the area of Mitchell Road and Service Road in Ceres.

Police say a lone officer pulled into an AM/PM parking lot and attempted to detain four people in a red pick up truck; 2 women and 2 men.

At some point, one of the men began struggling with the officer eventually pulling out a gun and firing two shots.  The officer was not hit but one bullet did hit the officer’s patrol car.

The suspect then got free and ran from the parking lot.

There are now dozens of law enforcement officers in the area searching for the man who they consider armed and dangerous.

The other three people in the truck have been detained.

Mendoza has an extensive criminal history that includes a conviction in 2007 for assault with a firearm.

Comments (20)
  1. Carol Burch says:

    It is not I 5 Ceres it is near Hwy 99

  2. Deuce says:

    I don’t blame him for trying to get away.
    I’m guessing he didn’t want to be shot in the face while handcuffed in the back of the squad car.
    Funny how the cops mobilize every officer for 3 counties when someone takes a pot shot at them but hardly lifts a finger when it happens to a civilian.

    1. gin says:

      Deuce you need to wake up and figure out that law is protecting you, so with comments like yours it’s easy to see that you are anti establishment.

      1. Jason Hernandez says:

        Law Enforcment does not have to protect you, this is a myth. It’s not about being anti-establishment it’s about self preservation. Protect yourself.

      2. Deuce says:

        You need to wake up and realize the police are here to protect those that hold power, not those that pay their salaries.
        I am not anti-establishment as you so easily stereotype, I am anti-corruption, anti-police “Brotherhood” and anti-brutality.
        I suppose next you will accuse me of being a criminal, drunk, tweeker or trailer trash eh?
        Let me take a guess at your political leanings; “Progressive” eh?

  3. Soccer mom says:

    My childern go to school at whitmoore charter is the school open?

  4. TDH says:

    What’s wrong with being anti-establishment especially since the establishment is failing the people?

  5. JP says:

    Deuce is right, gin is an idiot to think the gov is still in place for “us”. I’m suprised to see that so many cops found the time to respond to this shooting when there are still so many tinted window tickets to give out…….

  6. jiji says:

    Read the story, digest it and then make your mind up. Some people do not
    care who they hurt during their crime spree. You could be shot at just like
    the officer. Will you change your thinking then??

  7. Payback says:

    if cops would just stop shooting people in the face while being handcuffed, then there will be no payback.

    1. Eyey for Eye says:

      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^:) 🙂

  8. Internal Affairs says:

    Did he shoot the guy in the face while being handcuffed?

    1. Don't Shoot Me Officer says:

      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 🙂 🙂 What ever you do, don’t let them get those handcuffs on you.

  9. Get A Clue ALL YOU THUGS!!! says:

    WOW, you can see these streets are filled with THUGS….read the majority of posts above!! So, with streets filled with the mentality of the comments above our officers don’t stand a chance. There are plenty of citizen that appreciate the work of Law Enforcement officers, so keep up the great work for the ones who do care about our streets!!!
    Thank you Sincerely, an appreciative resident!! Looks like this was a close repeat of Georgia’s liquors, lets hope it ends the same!! G-D Bless all of Peace Officers may you all come home to your beds tonight!!

    1. No love for America's Gestapo says:

      Once they give up on the heavy handed tactics, stop escalating minor offences to the point they feel the need to beat, taze or shoot citizens, kicking in the doors of the wrong house, beating the citizens inside, trashing the home, killing the pets and seizing property then, once they learn of their mistake, they walk away without offering an apology unless forced to do so.
      Once they stop covering up crimes committed by other police officers because of their “Brotherhood” and start getting prosecuted for the crimes they commit at the same level a citizen; then and only then will your post hold any credibility.

  10. Brow boy says:

    Actually its George’s Liquor store not Georgia’s.. And its funny you recall that since the suspect involved in that shooting was a war veteran not a THUG.. or is it that our own government is creating THUGS instead soldiers to protect us. Lets hope the Ceres PD wont take it out on the hispanic community again like they did after the Liquor store incident it seems like we all gotta pay for the mistakes of one.

  11. Ms. Garrison says:

    Brow Boy,
    The shooting at George’s Liquor store was by a GANG MEMBER!

  12. unavailable says:

    i dont get why the cops and the swat team is stilll doing here, its been up to 9 hours since theyve been here and by now the guy can get up to LA,so its no use staying here in my front yard

    1. Ms Ceres says:

      I can’t not believe you are that stupid to wonder why the police are still looking for this person. He shot at a Police Officer! He is a felon with a gun. That is against the law. The gun is probably stolen. I don’t want a mad man with a gun running the streets. What if he shoots at one of your relatives? And to all the other people on here bad mouthing the police: You must be guilty of something if you are afraid to be pulled over by the police. The law abiding citizens who are pulled over have nothing to worry about. Ceres is full of criminals and gang members. Look at all the graffiti all over Ceres. The respectable people are not out doing that to their neighborhoods. It is all of the criminals and gang memebers who are doing this.

  13. Get A Clue ALL YOU THUGS!!! says:

    Hey Brow Boy, get your facts together the shooting a few years back at “Georges” was committed by an “Proven Gang Banger” that never should have been allowed to join our forces, but because of “non-discrimination” and an offer to better his life he was permitted in our USMC…what a mistake that was!! As far as Ceres PD taking it out on Hispanic’s that’s a joke…my husband, a WHITE ALL AMERICAN MARINE and now a Superintendent was pulled over weeks later at random, by gun point, in a nice vehicle all because he was wearing a black beney and a hoody, due to the fact he fit the description of a suspect and guess what we were not offended!!!! If that’s what it takes to clean our streets we are all for it, if you are not doing anything wrong then it shouldn’t bother you so much, don’t you think that people who have a problem with it may have a guilty conscious? I happened to enjoy seeing all the pullovers by undercover police backing up Ceres PD at gun point because it showed that our town is no longer putting up with these problems I felt safe and protected know they are out there as they also were PROTECTING THEIR SELVES!!!!!!!

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