ORLANDO (CBS13) – A group of Northern California cheerleaders who were competing in a competition in Florida were hurt when their bus was hit by a semi this morning. 

Five people were hurt when the Disney bus the cheerleaders were on and a tractor trailer collided in Orlando.

It happened this morning as the bus was heading to the airport.

The Yuba City Honkers cheerleaders were in Florida for the national cheerleading championships.

None of the girls suffered major injuries and are expected to return to California today.

Comments (4)
  1. robin says:

    Thank godness there was not any major injuries. I was a student at yuba city high when they had the bus crash with the choir in I belive it was 1976. It was awful. Serveral deaths and major injuries to serveral of my friends.

  2. What a Shame says:

    You’ve got to be pretty low-life to intentionally run into a bus load of cheerleaders. They are some of the best looking and most popular students at any high school.

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