NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Billy Ray Cyrus says the Disney TV show “Hannah Montana” destroyed his family, causing his divorce and sending daughter Miley Cyrus spinning out of control.

In an interview with GQ Magazine, the country star says he “would erase it all in a second” if it would bring his family together again.

Cyrus says his daughter is in a downward spiral. That’s why he refused to attend her 18th birthday party in December, saying “it was wrong” to have it in a bar. Video of Miley smoking a bong later surfaced.

Her father compares her current path with those of stars whose lives ended tragically, including Kurt Cobain, Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson.

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Comments (6)
  1. Plain Facts says:

    No Billy, lack of parenting and letting this spoiled brat have and do anything she wants is the reason she is “what” she is. Time to do some “tough” love before she falls off the deep end.

    1. mari says:

      well said! you can’t be blaming your parenting skills, or lack there of, on anybody else but yourself.

  2. Dan says:

    Thats right. I agree, 99.9% of all stars are just out of control. Partying, changing sex partners (husbands/wifes) everyother year or two. Drugs, alcohol, prostitution (thats what I call it). Never would change my down to earth and God fearing life for theirs.

  3. Kara Hinshaw says:

    YEAH! Up until now him and his daughter didn’t have a problem cashing Disney’s checks!!! Guarantee he wouldn’t like to be in the real world stuck at a job underpaying him and being threatened at that, and his daughter sending in applications at Burger King trying to get whatever job she could at minimum wage! Or be like most people out there whom are losing their homes that they’ve dumped their life savings into trying to hold onto after they lost their job after 20 years with the company! What a jerk! I agree with all the folks above, he needs to check himself, and his parenting skills! Plus, she’s young for crying out loud. That’s what most kids do! And maybe if he attending her party she wouldn’t be smoking pot! lol

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