STOCKTON (CBS13)   – Authorities are investigating a murder-suicide in Stockton.

Authorities say a man and a woman were found shot to death in a home along Fort Donelson Drive.

Police say the man called 9-1-1 around 7:15 this morning saying the couple had gotten into a fight.

Investigators say it appears the man shot the woman, believed to be his fiancée, and then turned the gun on himself.

Authorities say the couple has children none of whom were injured.

Comments (3)
  1. Hereticmonk says:

    Another father realizes that when she leaves she’s taking the kids with her and he’ll never see ’em again. As sad as this is, this has become the modern divorce in America. Every week if not more than once a week there’s a story similar or just like this one in the news.

    1. wild child says:

      They were not married and they were not his kids. Its just a syco man trying to control a woman. My heart goes out to her kids and to his kids because they are the ones left to deal with the after math and the why questions.

    2. m deluna says:

      before u make comments, they did not have children together, each had 2 from previous relationships.and were not yet married…yes she was leaving, she was getting ready for work….he had signed over both cars to HIS oldest son, gave him $2000 then after the kids went to school , killed Maya.

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