Pedestrian Dies In Crash, Driver Arrested For DUI

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A driver has been arrested for driving under the influence after a deadly accident Sunday evening, authorities said.

The Sacramento Police Department said a pedestrian was fatally injured near the intersection of Northgate Boulevard and Patio Drive at around 7:30 p.m.

The driver did not flee the scene, but the subsequent investigation led to his arrest.

The roadway near the scene has been closed in both directions and will likely remain that way for several hours while authorities investigate.

The suspect and victim’s names have not been released.

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  • allan

    Not surprised it was a TRUCK!!!!

    Like always, some ignorant idiot driving recklessly in their truck!!!

    • Old Hippie

      Right. Nobody ever drives stupidly in a car. And all truck owners are ignorant.


  • tom

    not only a truck … but a red one .. oh my!!!… moron

  • aaron

    I was driving north on Northgate literally seconds behind this accident. I was maybe a block or so back. Bunch of dust flew up, everyone braked, people started merging over to the right. As traffic squeezed by, I could see a man on his back sprawled across the center turning lane and the left southbound lane. I could tell the guy wasn’t conscious and knew it wasn’t good. It’s pretty sobering to think that it all happened so fast; a reminder that life can change forever or even be taken away without warning in the space of a couple seconds. And in this case, completely senselessly…because some drunk idiot decides he’s ok to drive.

    • BigBallsMcGurk

      I doubt this accident was caused by him being drunk…more likely a meth head from that trailer park south of Patio running across the street at night…notice it did not say he was in the crosswalk.

      • I try

        That is no way to speak about your mother! She prefers Mrs. Meth Head so you better watch is Sunny

      • NikkiJustice

        To BigBalls McGurk………Ok first off, THE DRIVER got arrested for DUI not the victim….read the article before you make your comments “meth” was even mentioned and second, have a little respect, someone died and you DIDN’T know their life you are making accusations on someone you didn’t even know. MIND YOUR MOUTH,THOUGHTS and OPINIONS!!!

  • timberwolf

    WELL at least he stopped,which is more than i can say for most

  • randy

    Why isn’t the suspect name mentioned???

    • mark

      Why? so you can discriminate appropriately

  • Zzzzz

    On his way to or from the liquor store? It is still light out at 7:30 this time of year.

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