LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Former Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo was taken away from the criminal courthouse in downtown Los Angeles on a stretcher Wednesday afternoon.

Rizzo complained of chess pains during his preliminary hearing’s lunch break. He was later treated in an ambulance by paramedics then taken to a local hospital.

Prosecutors say Rizzo masterminded a scheme to gain more than $5.5 million from Bell and falsified documents to hide his enormous pay. He has pleaded not guilty.

The preliminary hearing will resume on Monday morning.

Comments (6)
  1. Joy says:

    ‘chess’ pains? wow. sounds awful.

  2. popseuss says:

    WHAT!!! That beautifully fit man?!? Well, now he gets to see that the system takes EXCELLENT care of those who are incarcerated….. Better, in fact, than the HMO’s that care for us!

  3. One Whale of a Rizzo says:

    Did he eat all the money in another elaborate scheme to destroy evidence???

  4. Bear says:

    Maybe he should pay $5.5 million to the people of bell for health care.

  5. Can U smell the B.S. yet? says:

    I hope it hurt.
    Hope this toilet floater dies and saves the taxpayers the cost of a trial.

  6. Shelly says:

    How come every time I see him I think “Bring me Solo & the Wookie” should spew from his mouth?

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