SACRAMENTO (CBS13) –  Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is, for the first time, acknowledging the Kings could move south to Anaheim.

Johnson admitted losing the team would hurt the city both psychologically and economically.

He says he’ll do everything he can to keep the team.  But also says he won’t let the city be used as a bargaining chip in the Maloof’s negotiations.

Johnson says the team is one of Sacramento’s largest employers and losing those jobs could devastate the city which is already reeling from high unemployment.

If the Kings leave Sacramento, it’s possible a lot of other events could be gone too.

The Maloofs own the Kings and operate the arena.

If they take the team out of town, they could stop operating the arena.

That would mean no other events, like wrestling matches, concerts, or the circus.

“You don’t have to be an NBA fan, but if the NBA leaves Sacramento you will feel the loss in this community,” said Mike Testa of Sacramento Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.
The Maloofs could opt to continue operating the arena, even if the Kings leave.

Or, another group could take over operations there.

The Maloofs have not commented on the possible move or operation of the arena.

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  1. aqurianstag70 says:

    feels like its going to be a holy week atmosphere in the sacramento region if this move will happen. the KIngs is a vital part of the community and losing them is like losing a very important member in the family. i understand that having a new arena is an ambitious plan for the city in these economic times, yet it is also one strategic plan to boost economic growth in the region, opening businesses thereby creating jobs. much more that having a worldclass new arena can somehow give this region the needed facelift that can help turnaround the low ratings we received from Forbes. should the Kings leave, then i guess we all need to face the consequences of our inability to challenge ourselves of keeping this region a vibrant place to live.

  2. Rene Walker says:

    WATTS… down in So Cal would be a GREAT place fo the Kings to relocate.
    So tired of this team trying to hold the tax payers of Sac hostage over this new arena while they PAY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to these guys throwing a ball in a hoop. I mean REALLY. Just take your team and leave.

    1. El Pavo says:

      Ignorant times 100.

    2. Jim Jensen says:

      I totally agree. Most people DO NOT CARE. Just take your team and leave already!

  3. needajob says:

    I’m split! Part of me says; WHO CARES! Let them leave; the Maloofs are holding the Sacramento fans and city tax payer’s hostage. We are in a down economy and EVERYBODY is hurting. Maybe at a different time or a different city but not here or now. On the other hand, I’m from Orange County and I’m planning on moving there in 2-3 years and would love to have a local basketball team (the drive to LA for the Clippers and Lakers scares me) so an Anaheim team would be great! However, I would rather they sell the team as I think the Maloofs are not capable of running a “TOP NOTCH” NBA franchise.

  4. Shelly says:


    1. jc says:

      get a correct view of reality…. police, fire fighters, teachers, and nurses!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Lynn says:

      I agree Shelly. Get the hell out of Dodge and take Johnson with you. There’s more to life than basketball. I’m tired of all these petty,childless extensions; just pack it up and Go. Bunch of losers, on and off the court. They don’t deserve the good people of Sacramento.

  5. melodyangel says:

    If they are holding the Kings hostage for a new arena in Sacramento then let them go. Once you give in to this type of bullying, they never let up on blackmailing you again and again. Their prices are too high for the Kings events anyway and a new arena would just cost too much! We need more police on our streets more than we need a basketball team.

      1. jc says:


    1. jc says:


  6. Mr G says:

    The Mallofs owe a bunch of money pay up first, or we say goodby. I don’t get why the Mallofs have a hold on the Arena when they owe so much money. The Kings don’t even play while, the girls team was better and was never in trouble wiith the law. I say DON”T LET US KICK YOU IN THE REAR ON THE WAY OUT.
    GOODBY!! Tired of your threats of leaving just go and pay your bill on the way out.

    1. jc says:

      yeah how about suppoting the female winners of sac basketball team?
      let the door hit the kings & spoiled mallof boys your but on the way out!

    2. Plain and Simple says:

      Has to do with our NBA mayor.

  7. JeffdaJet says:

    Time to move on Kings. Sacramento will go back to watching dirt grow.

  8. Col. Gadefhi says:

    Yep, it looks like the Kings of Bahrain is leaving because the King of Egypt left. No Kings are safe in the region right now…are we talking about the same Kings? didn’t even know Sacramento had Kings.

  9. Ray says:

    Sacramento has a team?

  10. don says:

    LET them leave already….WHO CARES……uh, NO ONE. Good Bye. I agree, stop threatening us with the Kings leaving. What is taking so long, pack their bags and send them on their way.

  11. Mike says:

    How can you really call the Kings a basketball team? They have little to no direction or identity. Take the losing franchise and follow the Monarchs. The Kings won’t survive in the LA area either. I mean if you had a choice to see the Lakers, Clippers or Kings, who would you spend your hard earned money on?The Maloofs don’t care about Sacramento, do I have to remind everyone when Sacramento recieved the All-Star game, and where did the Maloofs take that game. with the blessing of the NBA? That’s right–Las Vegas. Good riddance!!

    1. Alex says:

      Umm, Sacramento NEVER received the All Star game!! It was GRANTED TO LAS VEGAS!! Nobody took it anywhere, it was NEVER going to be here.. please people make your ridiculous agruments with at least a semblance of fact!

  12. Alex says:

    It is really sad to read all the short sighted and narrow minded comments on this posting! When the Kings leave Sacramento, this will go back to a second class town again. We lose more jobs, more events, and more revenue!

    DO you think that only the Maloofs make money from the events in Sacramento?? What about the restraunts? The hotels? The limo companies? etc

    Even if you NEVER go to a Kings game, when they leave it will affect the whole town. Makes it harder to draw new businesses to open here and provide jobs. Almost impossible to get another professional team to come here.

    You people really have no clue what is about to happen, but you will see over the next few years how bad it really can get!

    1. Steve says:

      Well said. We need the Kings here for much more than just basketball!!

    2. D. Brooks says:

      To all of you who think the Kings departure would be such a terrible disaster: For those employed by the arena or the Kings directly, those people would have to find new employment or continue under new management at the arena if the Maloofs decide to give up operating the Arena. Businesses that profit from the fan base will either have to find other means of attracting customers or relocate. Not the best of solutions but poor attendance has already hurt the local arena area businesses.
      Sacramento, if it truly desires to be “world class” cannot depend on a single and losing franchise to make it so. This region must sell itself for its positive assets: climate,low cost of living, outdoor activities, arts, educational opportunity, museums, wine country, etc. We have many positives IF we choose to use them. Oakland didn”t die when the Raiders left and they haven’t become a great deal more since they returned.

  13. jt says:

    The real team in Sacramento is not basketball – it’s baseball. The Rivercats have a beautiful stadium that overlooks the city/river/bridge and fields a winning team every year. It’s time to upgrade them from AAA to the pro level and make them the heart of Sacramento. Add more seating to the stadium (but do not interfere with the view of the city) and then improve the parking around the stadium. Then who cares about the Kings?

  14. me says:

    Can the kings and the MaLoofs read lips? than read mine, move, before good fortune leaves you here, oh yes my lips:> bye-bye suckers…..

  15. J.L. TAYLOR says:


    1. jc says:

      NECK NO!!! They don’t want to win a WS always get rid of their best players when they may $$$$$$$ a few more dollars. NOT my Tax $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Tyler says:

    Get ready for the Sacramento Kings of Anaheim.

  17. the916guy says:

    just happy the queens are leaving already cant wait till the media stops with there big fuss………….JUST LEAVE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Lynn says:

    Not a fan, never was, never will be. Good riddance; can’t wait til they leave. So tired of hearing about a new arena for a bunch of losers. If the Maloof’s want a new arena; pay for it themselves. They’ve cost the city enough.

  19. JohnnyD says:


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